July Favourites!

Monday 4 August 2014

Well its already August.  And my July favourites aren't up.  Sorry-- its been a crazy busy weekend for me.

These are my favourites for July!

Living Proof Prime Spray

I bought this because I really enjoy Living Proof's Style Extender line, but found the primer in the tube to not quite be right for me.  I picked up this mini for $15, thinking that if I liked it I could pick up the full size for $24.  I have been spraying this in my hair after towel drying it for the last week or two and have been happy with the results.  I find it keeps the frizz down and my style in place.  I will be picking up the full size when I run out!

Lucky Lucky Lavender by OPI

Read my full review here.  In short, I love how bright and pretty the colour is and how long lasting the formula is.  The best of both worlds!

Urban Decay Sin Pencil

I rediscovered this pencil in my make-up collection last week and have been using it as a base.  I love it!  I love every shade in Urban Decay's Sin line (eyeshadow, primer, and now pencil).  Its a super flattering champagne shade that looks good on almost everybody!  I use it when I'm in a rush on my whole eyelid.  If I have a little extra time I pop a deeper shade in my crease.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow

Read my full review here.  I love how easy to use this product is.  Also-- its the perfect colour match for my blonde brows!

Becca Beach Tint Blush

I love this blush!  At first it was hard to apply, because its both bouncy, creamy, and powdery.  But once its on it is a stunner!  I love how it is both a highlighter and a blush.  #love

Swan Princess - This Is My Idea

The Swan Princess was one of my favourite movies as a child.  Earlier this month a friend and I were talking about long blonde hair and a life long ambition to look like Odette.  Well, fast forward to talking about how awkward Prince Dereck looked and the lyrical genius that is this song "Will result in lower taxes"...I've played it more often than should be okay for a 21 year old over the last week.

The Bachelorette Not Picking Nick

I don't know what it is about Nick but he always seemed off to me.  He never seems quite right.  I always felt that he was "playing the game" rather than being there for Andi.  Which, I know, I know, this whole show is a game, but he just seemed like a player.  While Josh wasn't my favourite (I was rooting for the farmer!) I was really happy she didn't sign up to marry Nick.  You go girl.  Even better?  Nick isn't the next Bachelor.

And finally, some pretty flowers growing outside my door!

Happy July!

What were your favourites this month?

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