Julep September 2014 | Art Walk Collection

Wednesday 20 August 2014

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The 20th of every month is sort of like Christmas for me because the Julep Maven window opens.  Armed with 2000 jules and a pre-paid box I went a litttttttle crazy this month.  But I am only paying about $25 out of pocket so oh well!

I am actually in love with this collection.  I even love the polishes I didn't order.  Erin is lovely, I just don't wear greys, and Mahima is pretty too but I have more than enough gold Juleps to last a lifetime.  I love the neutral tones for fall, and don't even get me started on the lip products.  I love lip products.

Yesterday I posted the Julep spoilers.  Not featured was Ana, a white jagged glitter topcoat:

Its a neat polish, so I added it to my box.  It was an add-on only polish. Other than that, the items were the exact same as seen in yesterday's spoilers.

As usual if you select 3 or more add ons you get a special gift.  What was interesting this month is that there was space for six total add ons.

I ordered a Modern Beauty box with the Aurora Pink and Cardinal Red Plush Pouts and then added on the Bombshell Box, Quinn, Lupita, and Ana and Mary Lee (which aren't pictured because I have a tiny computer and it wouldn't pick up in the screen shot!)

Best part?  Since my box is pre-paid, and I am using 2000 jules on the Bombshell add-on, I am only paying out of pocket for the 4 polishes.  My mom is ordering Ryan, Fifi and the Almond Nude lip product, so when these arrive I will also have the pleasure of reviewing those.  And maybe if she doesn't love them...

I have never come this close to ordering the entire collection.  I really love the colours, and the lip products.  Last month's shipping was a disaster, so let's hope that this month goes better.

If you are interested in joining Julep, I would appreciate it if you would consider using my referral link found in the tab on your right.


I seem to lack will power, so I added on Erin.  Love the name, and maybe I will become a grey person? 

What did you order this month?


  1. I LOVED the collection and currently have the ultimate upgrade selected because the whole thing just looks amazing.

    1. Sorry for my crazy late reply! Some how I didn't get an update about your comment. The whole set was amazing! It remains one of my favourites of this year.