Five Oils I Can't Live Without

Tuesday 12 August 2014

When oil in beauty products became a trend I was highly skeptical.  You mean to tell me that adding oil to my skin won't make me break out?  That oil in my hair won't make my hair greasy?  They it was full of good for you moisturizing ingredients that would actually make my skin glow?  I'm sorry, but I simply couldn't believe a word of it.  So I stayed in my world of face creams and body butters.

Slowly but surely I ended up with a hair oil (it seemed to make sense...but only on the ends of my hair and no where near my scalp!).  One day I had an awful skin day thanks to harsh climates in Calgary.  When I returned home, but some miracle, Ole Henriksen himself was doing an event at my local Sephora.  I signed right up and he recommended that I use his Pure Truth oil.  I haven't gone a night without it since.

All of this is to say I was a late convert to the "Oil as a beauty essential" bandwagon.  But I am so glad I made the jump.

Oil has been used for generations in hair and skincare.  It comes from nature and depending on the oil delivers all sorts of good for you benefits.  Plus they generally are multi-purpose!

Five Oils I Can't Live Without

Ole Henriksen Pure Truth (Face)
Sephora $56

This oil is bright orange and smells guessed it...oranges.  But more herbal.  My boyfriend hates the smell but I don't really mind it.  So long as it works!  I use a pump and a half every night.  I pump it into my hands and then slather it all over my face and neck.  I find this oil works its magic over night and in the morning it is almost all gone, leaving my skin hydrated and radiant.  It takes too long to absorb to use in the morning under makeup.  I can't recommend this product enough!  It works magic, I swear.  If I forget to put it on before bed I end up waking up to apply it.  So far I have gone through 6 bottles.

Julep Bare Face (Face) 
Julep $28

I apply a generous amount (6-8 pumps) to dry hands and then I slather it all over my face with my makeup still on.  After I have rubbed it around sufficiently but gently, I wet my hands and then rub my face again.  Then I rinse my face off with water and without fail 98% of my makeup is gone!  I do this before a night time shower, so by the time I step out of the shower my makeup is all gone.  I use this as makeup remover and I love it.  I am almost done my first bottle, and Julep had a sale, so I have 4 more on reserve.

See the end of this post for results.

The Body Shop Argan Oil (Body)
The Body Shop $20

I can't get over how warm and nutty this product is!  So far I have used it in place of shaving cream (omg my soft) and as a body butter. I love how soft and silky it makes my skin, and how versatile this is.  It can also be used on hair...but I already have the perfect hair oil.

Ojon Rare Blend Oil (Hair)
Sephora $39

I use this on the bottom half of my hair, wet or dry.  Since I have started using it I have found my hair is less frizzy, and that my split ends are a heck of a lot better!  I love how it smells.  To use this product shake it do the oil colours separate and then apply the tiniest amount!

Ojon Revitalizing Mist (Hair)
Sephora $30~

I use this almost exclusively on my hair when dry to help liven it back up again. It smells divine!  Some how it gives my hair the little kick it needs on "Day 2". I find it really helps my split ends as well.  I can't put into words just how much I really enjoy this product.

Julep Bare Face Test

I loaded up my arm with beauty produts.  Eyeliner, lip stain, lip gloss, eyeshadow onto of primer, lip stick, you name it, in hard to remove shades.

I slathered a generous amount of oil all over my dry arm.

I added some water and rinsed it off:

All that remained was remnants of lip stains and a 24 hour waterproof eyeliner.  After my shower it was all gone!

So there you have it.  The five oils I can't live without, and a test to prove one works. What oils could you not live without?

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