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Thursday 14 August 2014

Julep is really making me nervous lately.  I keep on seeing posts on Facebook about people getting random add ons, the wrong box, or items ordered replaced by things they didn't order and don't want, refunds refused.  Julep use to be a real joy for me, but lately they are growing too large too fast and they are messing up big time.

My box apparently shipped in the first round, not that I would know.  I didn't get a shipping notice until August 12th, a good 17 days after they took payment.  I called them up and they gifted me 1900 Jules (almost a whole box) to make up for it.  With all of their shipping errors I have managed to get two boxes for free in the last three months.  I simply don't see how that it a sustainable business model.

While my box has yet to arrive, here is what I ordered:

Maven Box Details
Your Box: August Personalized My Maven Box
  • Katie
  • Tazeen
  • Gel Eye Glider - Smoky Plum

  • Addons:
  • Sushmita
  • Neha
  • Double Luxe

  • Total: $21.98

    I just hope that they all actually how up, otherwise I will be on their phone until they either provide a refund or replacements.  Sorry-- Jules won't cut it.  Given that I have already had issues in the past I am already assuming the worst.

    To read an account of some of the horrors, and one blogger's perspective check out The Polish Jinx's post.

    My advice for Julep:

    1) Make a waitlist.  When other subscription services were growing they did it and it was better for everybody.
    2) Honour your commitments. If you sell it, you send it.  Stop denying people refunds if the mistake was on your end.

    Has Julep been giving you a rough time lately?

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