Coming to Toronto | Inglot Cosmetics

Thursday 28 August 2014

Inglot Cosmetics, a Polish make-up line will be opening its first Canadian store this Fall.  It will be located in Toronto at Yonge and Dundas.  They are known for their "Freedom Systems" which is a completely customizable palette for eyes, lips, and face.

With the Face Shop and Inglot now in Toronto, I can only hope that Kiko (my favourite European exclusive beauty brand) will follow suit!

I will admit-- I have never heard of Inglot before hearing of their release.  But I look forward to learning more about them when I stop by their store once it opens.  Looking forward to designing my own palette!  I know I won't be combining creams and powders (annoying!) but creating my own eyeshadow palette should be fun!

Looking forward to regular posts next week!  Still enjoying my vacation :)

A "Freedom System" with just lip products.


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  2. Sorry! I can't believe I only saw this now. I love Inglot too! The more I play around with their eyeshadows the more I can't wait to try more products!