Julep July 2014: The Poolside Collection

Monday 11 August 2014

I have to admit, I wasn't terribly excited for this set to arrive.  However the promise of the Body Milk smelling fantastic was enough to make me order it.  Its not that I regret making my order, however I think my Julep collection (and by extension my nail polish collection) has reached its saturation point.  I will be limiting my orders to no add ons if not skipping all together in the coming months unless I actually love a set that is coming my way.

The Poolside Collection is a set of generally bright-ish cremes and two sort of ugly Stardusts.

My two polishes that I ordered this month are Lorenzana (Boho Glam) and Lissa (Bombshell).  Lorenzana is a pretty greige neutral described as a "shittake crème".  Lissa is a "tumbled turquoise crème".   In addition the Body Milk was included as the product of the month.

My add-ons were the Clean Slate set and the Awestruck lipgloss (a pretty nude sparkle).

For taking 3 add-ons I was sent Soraphine and Octavia as a bonus gift, which is great, except I already have both.

To maximize this benefit I actually selected the "Modern Beauty" box and then switched something out for the lipgloss.  I then added on the Clean Slate set, Lissa, and Lorenzana.

I really like their polish remover pads.  They are great for when I am on the run and notice a manicure that needs to go after a rough day.  I can't wait to had a need for the polish remover pen.

Discount codes!

Lorenzana, Lissa, Soraphine, Octavia.  But seriously, my name will never happen.

"My box" without add-ons.

Bare Body Milk
This is more of a milk than a cream.  It is not thin and runny, but it is not as thick as a traditional body cream.  I like that it is lighter to apply in the summer.  I found it smelled quite lovely.  I can see myself using this frequently!

I love the colour.  This is a fantastic neutral.  However the formula is just painful.  It was very difficult to get an even application.  I found it not entirely thick or thin, but that it was clumpy when applied.  I don't know if I love it enough to use the whole bottle.

This colour is more teal the turquoise.  The formula is much better than Lorenzana-- much more muser friendly.

This box isn't my favourite.  But its not the worst.  I was more excited about the polish remover pen and the lipgloss than I was anything else.

What did you get in your July box?

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