Spend or Save Your Sephora Points: An Analysis

Monday 11 August 2014

When I was in high school I use to hoard my points and would only redeem for 500 points.  Back in the day the 100 point gifts weren't so hot, and the 500 point gifts were fantastic.  But times are a changing and Sephora has really picked up its rewards game.  Every month they have been releasing new perks, and every month there has been at least something I wanted!

I should note, with close to 4000 points in the beauty bank, and what seems like an endless pile of deluxe minis to get through I have taken a bit of a moratorium on redeeming my points.  Unless I can redeem for an experience, or the gift is utterly fantastic, I will be taking a pass.  I am also trying to minimize my beauty purchases until January 1st so I can start working towards VIB Rouge for the next year.

However I have always wondered.  What is a better value?  A 500 point gift, or a bunch of 100 point gifts?  The results were inconclusive, but I have thrown in my two cents.

All $ values represent the value of the product based on the size of the sample and the cost of the full sized product unless otherwise indicated.  All gifts are either currently available, or have been available recently.

100 Point Gifts

Make Up Forever HD Powder - $4.54
Marc Jacobs Eyeliner - $3
Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain - $8.05
Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation - $7.05
Sephora Collection Super Regenerating Oil-Serum - $8.75
MD Solar Sciences Mineral Tinted Cream - $5.64
Philosophy Time In a Bottle - $4.25
Tarte Cheek Stain - $12*
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara - $12

Average - $6.68
Median - $6.34
5 Average 100 point gifts: $33.40

500 Point Gifts

Benefit - $50.08
Lollitint - $6.85
Watts Up - $8.72
Hoola Bronzer - $12.85
PoreFessional Primer - $12*
They're Real Mascara - $9.66

Alterna - $33.85
CC Cream - $9.69
Shampoo - $9*
Conditioner - $9*
Hair Milk - $6.16

*Price based on a deluxe mini of the product for sale at Sephora of the same size

So while the dollar for dollar value of the 500 point gifts tends to be higher than 5 average 100 point gifts, is the 500 point gift really a better value?

Well, it depends on how you draw your value.  For me, its all about if I would actually use all of the products in the 500 point gift.  Take the Benefit gift for example:

Lollitint - $6.85
Watts Up - $8.72
Hoola Bronzer - $12.85
PoreFessional Primer - $12*
They're Real Mascara - $9.66

I already have 3 deluxe samples of Watts Up and honestly...I rarely use it.  I have more than enough bronzer to count our my entire body every day for 5 years, and I already have 2 deluxe samples of the primer.  I love They're Real-- but I have three minis of that as well.  I just don't see myself getting the value out of this gift set.

Also consider if the 500 point gift contains a tinted moisturizer that doesn't match your skin, a skin care product you may react to, or a makeup bag that you really don't need.

Personally, I would rather get 100 point gifts if I see something that looks like a good value that I would actually use, and a 500 point gift only if I could really see myself using everything.  It may not be the best financial value, but it has the most value for me!

How do you spend or save your points?

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