Urban Decay Pulp Fiction

Saturday 9 August 2014

Urban Decay has recently launched a limited edition Pulp Fiction line in celebration of Urban Decay's 20th birthday.

The line includes a neutral eyeshadow palette ($41), a red lipstick ($26), a red lipliner ($24), a red nail polish ($18) and a glittery liquid eyeliner ($23).  It is available at Sephora in store and online.

Yesterday Sephora at the Eatons Centre had an Urban Decay event in store to promote the new line.  Sorry for the poor quality photos!

I was most interested in the eyeshadow palette and the liquid liner.  While I loved the quality and the look that the Pulp Fiction palette was able to create I was not convinced that it was significantly different from the other neutral palettes I own.

The palette has a pale pink, a matte warm brown, a shimmery darker warm brown, a shimmery white and a matte-ish black.  In general this palette runs warmer than the Naked Basics palette.  For a make-up fanatic, or a Pulp Fiction fan this palette is significantly different from Naked Basics to merit ownership.  However, the average person would manage just fine with one or the other.

I came very close to purchasing this palette.  However, I am convinced that I could create a similar look using Naked Basics with some help from the original Naked palette.  In addition, I don't love how big the palette is compared to how little eyeshadow there actually is.  If I bought it I would really want to depot it, which would defeat the purpose of purchasing a limited edition item.  I still want it, but I have made enough purchases for a while with the points promotion.  If this item is still around in September then I will make room for it in my collection.

I did however end up buying the glitter eyeliner.  It is a black and silver glitter held in a black gel.  Layered over top of black eyeliner it looks really sharp.  I think it is the perfect way to wear glitter on a daily basis.  Enough of a "pop" to be noticed but not so much that it looks childish.

Final verdict:  This is a great line of products.  If I had to choose this palette over Naked Basics I would choose the Pulp Fiction palette, but I do not think the average person needs both.  The lipstick, liner and nail polish are all nice, but not terribly unique.  For mr the real winter was the glitter eyeliner which I am delighted to have in my collection.

What do you think of the Pulp Fiction line?  Will you be picking anything up?

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