Honey, Honey: Comparing Sephora and The Face Shop

Sunday 3 August 2014


I love honey when it comes to beauty products.  I'm not big on eating honey, but it has always had a soft spot in my heart since one of my grandfathers was a hobby bee keeper.  

When I saw each of these masks I new I had to give them a try.  Both of these masks claim to nourish/moisturize and balance.  But which one does it better?  

The mask from Sephora comes in a tangerine coloured disk and retails for $8.  The mask from The Face Shop comes in a rectangular packet and retails for $2 (I got this on sale 15/$20).  Both are heavy duty cotton single use sheet masks with contours which help adhere to your face.  I found with both that I was able to get up and walk around with out any issues. Other, than you know, looking a tad ridiculous.

I was quite happy with this mask.  It didn't smell really like honey.  I put it on my face, as per the instructions.  It was cool when applied.  When I took off the mask (no mess!) my sin was damp and appeared more balanced.  I can't measure if it is better nourished.  Of course, given that this is a single use product I can't speak to any long term benefits. I enjoyed using this product but id not notice any dramatic differences.   

Perk: This is a cheap item that I actually like from Sephora.  When I see things I like as free samples or point gifts on their website I will be ordering either this mask or the Pearl mask.  Yay for free shipping!

The Face Shop:

I enjoyed using this product and had generally similar observations to the Sephora mask. However I found the cloth to be a touch thinner, and the liquid to be a touch more slimy. Neither of these things were detrimental to my enjoyment of the product nor was it a hinderance to the benefits enjoyed.  Honestly, I found both of these products to be effectively the same.  It was an enjoyable way to spend $2 and 10 minutes of my time.

Verdict:  I think using either one of these masks about once a week benefits your skin.  I don't think it matters which one or really even which style (Pearl, Blueberry, Acai, etc).  I will probably generally go for The Face Shop mask as it costs 4x less than the Sephora mask.  However, I will keep the Sephora mask in mind for gifts with purchases at Sephora, and for minimum orders/spends.  I like to treat my skin to a mask about once a week.  I think I will pick up some Face Shop masks for my Mom's birthday this fall since she really enjoys sheet masks (no mess).

What is your favourite sheet mask?  Have you tried the offerings at Sephora or The Face Shop?

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