Beauty Packing for Weekend Getaways

Monday 11 August 2014

This weekend I took a little getaway back home to Toronto to celebrate my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.  It was really great to see my family, and of course, be back in my own bed.  I've got two more weeks of my internship before I go to Boston with the BF, and then move back to Toronto to start school and possibly my new job!

I always idealize getting on a plane with a tiny, perfectly packed piece of carry on luggage with a minimalist makeup bag of the essentials.  One of my good friends managed to do that on our last trip together and she looked just flawless.  Meanwhile I was lugging a massive bag looking miserable.  I love the idea of appearing to be such an experienced traveller that I have got it down to a science.  Alas, I never seem to achieve my goal.  

I am a chronic over packer.  I always think of "but what if"and end up packing way too much.  Umbrella? Well what if it rains? Bright blue eyeliner? You never know.  Maybe I'll go to a party! Heels that are too high for regular use?  But what if I go to the party with the blue eyeliner? This necklace because its pretty!  And this one incase the other one doesn't match! 

This year I have taken countless weekend trips and two international vacations.  With my trip to Boston fast approaching I decide to take this weekend getaway as an opportunity to pair down what makeup I pack.  I will be the first to admit, I did not do as good of a job as I would have liked, but I made significant improvement from what I usually pack for a trip.  I would say generally I pack twice as much as what I brought for the weekend.

My Makeup Bag:

My Weekend Essential Packing List:

Skin Care:
Daily Moisturizer with SPF
Night cream/oil

I recommend going to Sephora and asking for samples of your two favourite products before travelling.  Honesty is the best policy.  I generally just approach a cast member and ask for a sample for a weekend trip because I am trying to pack light.  Almost every single time they say yes. If they say no you can go to the dollar or drug store and pick up some little craft or cosmetics jars.  Packing samples saves room in your beauty bag-- especially for a weekend!

Face Primer
Under eye brightener
Eye Primer
Eyebrow product

*These three products can be replaced by the Naked Flushed palette.  It comes in several shades each with a blush, bronzer, and highlighter.  There is a palette to suit almost every skin tone!  I caved and also brought a new cream blushI recently bought.  Next time I am going to do my best just to bring the palette.

I tend to have a foil sample or two of foundation primer to take on vacation.  I also always ask for a foundation sample before travelling, or make my own.  Together this really cuts down on packaging.

I recommend bringing a good general mascara and a neutral set of eyeshadows that can be easily built up.  For a day look I love just using Stila Kitten.  For the evening I was able to use a darker purple I brought to add some pop.

I recommend an under eye brightener for when you get off the plane.  Given I was going direct from the airport to dinner this was life saver!

Kabuki brush
Foundation brush
Blush brush
Bronzer brush
Eyebrow brush
All over shadow brush
Dome shadow brush
Mini eyelash curler

Compared to how I usually travel this weekend was a marked improvement!  I will even note that there were several products I did not use.

My overall tips:
-Pack samples where possible
-Pack small palettes where possible
-Reconsider the electric blue eyeliner
-If you don't wear it regularly you won't wear it on vacation

What makeup do you pack for vacation?

Happy & safe travels!

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