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Tuesday 23 May 2017

pacifica berry happy skincare collection review

Pacifica is one of my favourite green beauty brands! I first had a chance to fall for them when they started showing up in my ipsy bags a few years back, and again at Gen Beauty LA when I was gifted the most fantastic shampoo and conditioner. Today I am here with their latest launch: The Berry Happy Skincare collection! Keep reading to learn about this collection and to get my take on it!

This new range of products can be found at your local Ulta! For us Canadians that means it can be a bit harder to get your hands on it. But that's what shopping trips to Buffalo are for, right? I do want to note that Ulta does now ship to Canada however the rates are a bit much.

Since the products in this post are Ulta exclusives, all prices listed will be in USD.

"Our latest skincare launch is based on our innovative Berry Happy Extract, a combination of plant extracts including a variety of antioxidant rich dark berries and matcha tea, in combination with roseroot (also called arctic root)" - Pacifica

pacifica berry happy skincare collection review lipstick wipes

Cherry Kisses Hydrating Lipstick Wipes - $6 USD

Starting with the obvious, these wipes smell amazing. Pacifica notes that these are great for "on the fly lipstick changes" but as a blogger, these are a life saver for lip swatch photos. You may have never wondered how 1 blog post can have 8 consistent lip swatches. That is because the poor blogger applies the lipstick, takes a photo, removes it, and then does it 7 more times. I recently used these between takes on a lip swatch post and the whole experience was so much better because of it. My lips felt hydrated and comfortable at the end of things. Key ingredients include Berry Happy Extract, Vitamin E and Coconut Oil. I would pick these up again in a heartbeat.

Berry Happy Cleansing Wipes - $6 USD

Again, these smell fantastic. I will probably say that about every product in this launch because I love berries. Annnyyyywaaays. I am not big on wipes to remove makeup. Instead I prefer to use them in the morning to remove any excess night oil or cream and to freshen up before starting my day. These fit the bill perfectly! They leave my skin feeling so good and refreshed.

pacifica berry happy skincare collection review cherry lava mask

Cherry Lava Purify Mask - $14 USD

This mask is not as thick as a typical charcoal mask. It also did not feel as drying as I am use to. Overall this felt good on my skin. I let it sit for about 10 minutes while I took a bath. To remove it simply massage away with water. It foamed up on me and then rinsed away. My skin was left soft and clean but not tight. Upon further inspection I found that the pores on my nose were smaller and that my skin was not irritated, so win in my books! Also it smells like cherries... <3

Berry Matcha Recharge Lotion - $18 USD

With the word "matcha" in the name I figured it would be a green paste, but it is in fact, white. This product has the least strong scent of the four that I am reviewing today. This lotion is light weight and good for all skin types. I have been using it for about a week and have been quite happy with it! It leaves my skin so soft!

Of all the products I was sent in this box, without a doubt the lipstick wipes were my favourite! As a blogger they are just so useful. Pacifica products are sulfate and parabean free, made with women, animals and the environment in mind.

Have you tried any of these? What did you think?

Products sent for review. Opinions are my own!

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