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Monday 6 March 2017

clinique crayola lip crayons

Brand collaborations are always interesting to see. I think the best ones are a bit unexpected, but also a natural pairing. Bonus points if you can evoke some nostalgia. While officially Crayola’s lip crayons are called “Chubby Sticks” lets be honest… everybody calls them crayons. Partnering Crayola with Clinique is smart, its fun, and it doesn’t come in to either of their market shares. I mean hey, Clinique doesn’t sell *actual* crayons.

clinique crayola lip crayons review 
One of my favourite things about writing this post was getting to buy a box of crayons, because I haven’t had those in my room in over a decade. Actually no-- the best part was styling the first photo with the crayons together, and then colouring with the crayons for fun.

These lip crayons are named after popular crayon colours. Sheer, moisturizing, and easy on the lips these lip balms are easy (and fun!) to work with. Of the three I was sent my favourite would probably be Mauvelous.

Available shades include: Razzmatazz (my favourite pink crayon as a kid!), Mauvelous, Mango Tango, Tickle Me Pink, Melon, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Pink Sherbert, Wild Strawberry, Brick Red, and Red Violet. 

clinique crayola partnership

As we head into spring I love creating fresh and easy looks. More gloss, less matte, more balms, less lipstick, more blush, less contour. I’m looking forward to using these more often once spring really hits!
crayola clinique lip swatch pink sherbert mauvelous wild strawberry

As you can see these swatch very sheer. They provide a beautiful pop of colour but nothing bold or long lasting-- which is fine because these are so easy to reapply without a mirror!

These retail for $21 CAD/ $17 USD and can be purchased at Sephora, and Clinique counters. You can also purchase a set of eight minis for $65 and four minis for $29.  Each set comes styled in a crayon box!

Products sent for review, opinions remain my own.

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