Julep Memorial Day Mystery Boxes 1 and 10

Saturday 21 June 2014

 Generally Julep's Mystery Boxes are a total and complete waste of money.  Generally they use the boxes to push out old, unwanted and quite frankly ugly polishes.  I haven't taken a Mystery Box since the end of last summer.  However, I was drawn to ordering a few of these boxes because they came at various price points and gave hints of what would be inside.  

Mystery Box #1 cost $40 and the "spoiler" items were the mint green make-up bag (not that I need another bag... but mint <3) and Taryn, a teal glitter that was previously a limited edition from the St. Patricks Day mystery boxes.  The advertised value of this box was $143.  My mom and I decided to order boxes 1 and 10 to share.

The box came with:
All prices reflect the Maven pricing.

Taryn, Lizanne, Diane $11.20 each $33.60
Fredom Polymer Top Coat $14.40
Rockstar Hand Cream $16
Glycolic Hand Scrub $18.40
Moisture Mask Trio $16
Mint Green Bag (no available on its own) $10~
I would personally value this around $5, but Julep likes to inflate their prices.

Total: $98.40 (Maven), Not quite the value they claim, however like I said I am sure they have inflated the value of the bag.

Over all I am thrilled with this box.  Sure, nothing off my wish list was in here, but I love the Mask Trio and the hand scrub.  My Grandma loves Rock Star.  I'd say not tooooooo bad.  The only dud for me is Diane.  I mean who actually would wear a dark forest green?  The only use I can think of for it is for nail art.  Maybe leaves on some floral design.  I would say its too ugly to regift.

My Mom was the lucky winner of the Moisture Mask Trio (She loves paper face masks, and I have two more sets on the way from the Red Marker sale.  More on that later!)  I got the nail polishes, the bag, and the scrub. 

I gave my Grandma a mini of the Rockstar Hand Cream a few weeks ago (It came in the Mothers Day Mini gift set) because she said she loved how it smelled.  Well, when Mom, Grandma and I were opening this I mentioned it was the same as the one I gave her. I offered it to Grandma an she did the typical "Well if nobody else wants it...".  She also mentioned being out of a top coat.  I suggested she take Freedom.  Looking forward to seeing what she thinks of it! 

Diane, Taryn, and Lizanne

I love the golden glitter hidden in with the teal.  Lizanne is much prettier than expected with a pretty, pretty shimmer to it.


The wonderful hand scrub.  Smells wonderful, works great!  I love how soft it leaves my hands.

Teheheheh my Mint Green Bag.  The little leather accents are cute.  

Taryn is swatched in the middle  Reasonably full coverage, loaded with tiny bits of glitter.  I really like it!  This would be great for glitter tips or stripes.

For fun from Left to Right:
Golden Glitter: OPI, from the Wizard of Oz Collection
Purple Glitter: Julep's Clio
Silver: GOSH Holo
Purple: ORLY from a past Christmas set.

Top to Bottom:

Donna - Mystery Box 10 

Donna was a real surprise for me.  Not a colour I would order, but such a pretty Fall colour.  

Lizanne is a fun colour.  I think it will be my next pedi colour!

I still can't see much to love about Diane.

And Mystery Box 10!

This "box" came in an organza bag on top of the giant pink box that Box 1 came in, both packed up in a giant, giant brown box.  I swear by the size of it, my Dad must have thought that my Mom and I had a problem! 

Box 10 was hinted to have Harriet.  Donna and an emery board were the surprise!  Valued at $33 here is the break down:

Donna $11.20
Harriet $11.20
Emery board $4

Maven value: $26.40

As previously seen, here is Donna!

And Harriet!  I ordered this box for Harriet!  However my Grandma said she thought the colour was pretty, so I gave it to her.  I will just order another one.

The Mask Trio is from Box 1, but here is the emery board which went to my Mom!

Over all, my Mom, Grandma and I were all very satisfied with these boxes.  The only dud was Diane.  We have decided that we will order another one in about six months.  Still waiting on Box 2 which my boyfriend ordered me.  Can't wait for the blush and brush!

On a note unrelated to the contents of the boxes, it took So.  Long.  to show up.  Just over 3 weeks! I am pretty fed up with Julep's shipping lately.  Its insane.  I still haven't seen last month's Maven box!  I called and they gave me some extra Jules.  They need to work on their shipping to Canada. 

Did you order a Memorial Day Mystery Box?  What did you think of it?

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