My Broadway Impress Manicure*

Wednesday 4 June 2014

I was provided this sample free of charge from Influenster to review as a member of their online community.  I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions and views are my own.

A few weeks ago I qualified for the an Influenster box where I received 2 sets of ImPress Manicures.  Pictured is the pretty purple pair.  Not pictured?  A really, really ugly set that I couldn't even bring myself to wear.  The other pair was silver with a black crackle pattern.  Gross.

They arrived in a clear plastic package shaped like a bottle of nail polish.  I ripped it open and made a bit of a mess but then I got right to it.  On the back of each stick on nail there is a little tab that you pull off.  I made the mistake of putting them on while still peeling off the stickers.  I would suggest taking off all of the backs before putting them on.

The nails fit me quite well, and I loved how they looked.  What I did not love was trying to type or sort paper with them on.  Also, getting BBQ sauce stuck under them was pretty gross.  I ended up ripping them off after three days.

I love that they went on quickly, and perfectly.  No dry time!  And of course, they they did not chip.  Personally I found they were heavy on my nails.

If I had a fancy event to go to I would wear these again with out a second thought.  These would even be a pretty and effective cheap alternative for a wedding party looking to have matching nails.  Manicures can get expensive!  In their collection they have some patterned looks, French tips, and solid colours.  For day to day wear?  Not a fan.  They get in the way of just about everything that involved the use of your hands.

If you are interested in picking up a set you can get them at Walmart.  They retail for about $10 Canadian in store.

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