Julep Maven July: The Poolside Collection

Saturday 21 June 2014


Yesterday Julep's Poolside Collection was revealed.  Mavens will get to select their boxes over the next few days.  This month is exciting for me because it is my first month with "My Maven" which means I get to customize to get the exact box I want.  Unless I want to swap in the Body Polish.  I can't do that.  

This month is a bit crazy-- in addition to the usual collection they have released a "Body Milk", "Body Polish" (both of which smell like the Beach Tonic) and some extra polishes.  Plus all the products you can swap!

With the obvious exception of the Stardust polish, every regular colour in this collection is a crème. Some people love this, some people don't.  Last month had a lot of unique finishes. P.S.  That box has not arrived yet. 

I am not particularly excited about the body milk.  I mean they could have made anything in the beauty world...and they made another cream. The smell should be yummy.  But...really?

I find most of the colours in this collection to be a bit...boring? There seems to be quite a few dupes.  However these three caught my eye:

Lissa, a tumbled turquoise crème

Lorenzana, a Shiitake crème
Boho Glam

Tamara, a bright "lipstick" red (but, you know, lipstick can be any colour...)
Boho Glam

Bare Body Milk and Mint Condition Pedi Crème
Modren Beauty Box

But no, you can not swap the Pedi Crème for the Body Polish.

Unless you get the Maven Luxe box, you can not swap this scrub in.  Or, you can pay $17.99 and get it as an ad on.  Lol.  Like everything Julep sells, this will be available at a discount in the next few months.  No need to rush.

Clean Slate Polish Corrector Pen
$7.99 ad on ($5.99 with out the 10 pads).

This caught my eye.  I like the idea of a pen to remove polish on the go.  I'm thinking about situations that I have been in where your polish is chipping off and you don't have the time to clean it up at home.  I'm not sure how good this will be, but let's find out!

This month I like that I can swap in previous products that I have had my eye on.

This month I dislike that ad on prices of polish are still at $6.99, and that I can't swap in the body polish.

So, while I am not totally in one with the selection options, I decided to go with the Modern Beauty box, swapping out the Mint Pedi Crème for their lipgloss in "Awestruck" (a shimmering blush nude).  I added on Lorenzana, Lissa, and the Clean Slate Polish Corrector Pen with the 10 added pads.  While Tamara is a beautiful colour, my collection is saturated on the bright red front.  For taking three add ons this month I will get a bonus gift from Julep.

If I was unable to customize my box I would have gone with "Boho Glam" with a few add ons.

Now, if only last month's box would show up!

What do you think about this collection?  What are you opting for?  

If you do decide to sign up, feel free to use my referral code!  Use code "FREEBOX" and get your first box free!

All photos are from their post.

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