Smashbox Telephoto 3 in 1 Face Brush and Bonus Items

Monday 23 June 2014


WhenI first saw this brush at Sephora I knew I had to have it.  I did my research online, I felt the brush, and it seemed perfect.  I asked the ladies at Sephora to do my make-up with it at two separate stores, and neither had a "tester" brush.  While that put me off a bit, I have always been happy with my Smashbox purchases so when Sephora had some bonuses with an online purchase I took the bait and ordered the brush.  Bonus items at the end of the post.

In theory this is a great brush.  A three in one brush that allows for light, medium, and full coverage?  Sign me up!

At first touch it is awkward to hold.  More like a Kabuki brush, less of a paint brush.  Switching between the three coverage levels is an easy twist.  I had imagined the Full Coverage option would be good for liquid foundation, and the light coverage for dusting powder.  

Full coverage

Medium Coverage

Light Coverage

Medium coverage with the box.

In the end I really did not like this brush, and ended up returning it for store credit (thank-you Sephora for your fantastic policy!) and picking up some other little treats to review.  

I returned it because:
  • It made my eyes water.  I don't know what was wrong with this brush, but using it anywhere near my eyes made them water and itch.  :(
  • I saw no notable difference between this brush and the one I normally use (Urban Decay's Optical Blurr).
  • The packaging is not suitable for a liquid foundation.  Think about it-- after you are done using it you put the damp brush back in a dark tube with no ventilation (ideal bacteria conditions) and then take it out the next morning and put it on your face? Gross.
  • It is difficult to wash.
  • I saw no notable difference between the three coverage levels.
All in all I was not thrilled with this purchase.  I had so much hope, but for $45+tax I just can't justify keeping it around.  Sorry Smashbox, but this just isn't going to work out.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE! I got to select three deluxe samples to add to my order for freeeeeeeeee!

I added on:

Urban Decay Make Up Setting Spray

I picked up a mini of this spray last year near the Sephora checkout.  I don't use it for day to day wear, but I love it for hot sweaty summer days, and fancy late night events.  I was running low on my mini and was happy to pick up the deluxe sample.  With this product, a little goes a long way.

Benefit Fake Up in Light

I have been eyeing this product since it came out, but I already have an under eye concealer that I like.  I was delighted to pick it up for free.  This sample size was disappointing-- not much to it at all.  However there is enough for me to make up my mind on if I want to pick it up.  I will reconsider once I am out of my Smashbox Under eye BB Cream.

Prada Perfume

I literally only added this on because it was a full sized rollerball.  Much to my delight the rollerball comes in a luxe mint leather case and smells clean, soapy, rainy, and fresh.  

As usual my order also came with 3 normal samples.  I will be working on getting those done in July where I will be participating in Kalyn Lord's Sample Killah!  I love her idea to get rid of as many of this tiny pesky samples as possible.  Stay tuned for weekly posts! My goal is to get rid of 100 samples at a rate of 25/week.

Smashbox Brush: :(


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