Sephora 500 Points: Living Proof

Sunday 29 June 2014

I am crazy protective of my Sephora points.  With few exceptions (like their usual triple points on fragrance for Mothers Day promo) each point represents $1 of real money spent.  I try to use my points to get new products I am interested in, and classic favourites so I can save money when I run out.

This set really excited me because it did both.  I love the hairspray and am almost out of my full sized.  The mini is generous enough for travel and for general use.  I love the primer, which I am also nearly out of.  As for the serum and cream, I have never tried those before, but have wanted to.  

This set also came with a nice little black bag, which promptly broke (zipper) after 3 uses.  I called Sephora and they gave me 100 points (1/5 of a 500 Point Gift) to make up for it.  So no harm, no foul, I have countless little make-up bags.

I love this collection by Living Proof, it helps tame my long, wavy, thick hair, has a pleasant scent, and all around gets the job done!

As you can see, the hair spray and the primer are generously sized.  The other two products are a bit small for my liking, but passable.

This is an interesting product.  You rub it all over your hands and then apply it under your hair to vamp up the style.  It does a good job adding volume!

A classic hair serum.  Apply it to wet or dry hair to help style hair and keep it silky, shiny and smooth.  I'm interested in getting the full size, once I finish up the million other similar products I own.

Over all, not a bad use of 500 points.  Not the best use, but not a bad one.  A similar set is currently being sold on for $35.

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