Julep: Laree and Maren

Monday 23 June 2014

Looking back, I probably should have done the full upgrade on May's Fresh Twist collection.  I love every single colour that I have from it...and I have all but one or two.  When I first saw Laree I was underwhelmed.  It seemed like just another pink.  But when the beauty blog world started to show real life swatches...I was in love.  I ordered two and patiently waited.

As for Maren, she is from the April collection.  I actually skipped April because there was no one box that I loved that also got me the blush I wanted.  I am thankful for the new customization options that let me get almost exactly what I want.  

Laree and Maren had been out of stock for quite a while, so when they came back in stock I snapped them up pretty quickly.  


Laree is described as a "Golden pink taffeta shimmer".  I would describe it as a warm sorbet with golden shimmer.  Either way she is stunning.  Absolutely stunning.  She has a great staying power.  My mani lasted about 5 days with no chipping (with the use of the Freedom Top Coat).  Two coats made it opaque.

With flash you can really see the golden shimmer.

With out flash the shimmer is there, just more subtle.


I would normally look at Julep's website and use their description, however searches for "Maren" on their website brought up nothing.  It seems the colour is just gone, which is a shame.  Maren reminds me of bubble hum and cotton candy with a blue sheen to it.  She is super transparent.  Even three coats doesn't quite do it.

Wear time is not exceptional.  After 6 hours the entire polish "popped" off one nail.  The next morning, at 18 hours, another had popped off in an entire sheet.  Given that nothing has changed in how I apply my polish I am blaming this on the formula.

No flash, the blue shimmer is hard to see.

With flash!

A little closer.

Over all I love the two colours.  Laree is a better formula than Maren.  But Maren is such a pretty colour!

Does anybody know if Kayla is a similar formula to Maren?  I am waiting for her to arrive in the mail.

Flowers were a surprise from the boyfriend.

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