Deal Alert! Julep Maven

Monday 9 June 2014

This post contains my referral link.

I found this great deal on Mommy Splurge that I had to share!

A Julep Maven Welcome Box and 3 month subscription for $16.97 (plus tax)!  I don't know how this came to be,  but this is by far the best promo I have ever seen for the Maven program!

Click here to go to the Style Quiz (with link to my referral).

It should take you to the first question where it asks how you accessorize with colour.  Under the progress bar click on "Show me all styles".

Pick your favourite!  Right now they are all pretty great options.  I did this with S's mom last night and she opted for the eyeshadow and brush.

Make sure you select the 3 month subscription.

Head to the checkout and use code "FREEGIFT" and it will bring your $60 ish total down to $16+tax.

Pretty sweet deal for a free box and a three month subscription!

I am curious to see if they count the first box as a part of the subscription or not, but either way it is a fantastic deal.

You will be paying between $1.41 and $1.88 per item.  Crazy!

A deal like this won't last long so take advantage while you can!

PS.  After 3 months you will go back to the regular rate of $20/ month on a 3 month sub or $25 month-to-month

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