Benefit They're Real Mascara in Blue

Thursday 25 June 2015


Benefit is on fire this year!  First they released Roller Lash, which is by far my favourite mascara of all time, and then they decide to go ahead and release They're Real in two new shades: Blue and Brown.  The only thing that would be better is if they released Roller Lash in purple and blue!  On the weekend I popped up to Benefit's new boutique in midtown Toronto to have my eyebrows done (post coming soon!) when I noticed that they had the new mascaras on sale a full week before anybody else!  

Benefit also released coloured versions of They're Real Push Up Liner in brown, green, blue and purple.  While I enjoy their original Push Up liner, I don't wear gel liner enough in the summer for it to be worth it for me to purchase both.  What can I say?  This is a blog on a budget!

I have also noticed that Dior (also owned by LMVH) has released a new set of coloured mascaras. Good play LMVH! Anyways, back to the product at hand!

The lady at the Benefit Boutique described this mascara as a "mascara topcoat" that is best worn over other mascaras.  However, I have heard others describe it as just a plain old mascara.  I tested it out both on its own, and over a normal black mascara (I used Roller Lash, because it is literally the perfect mascara).  When worn alone the blue is pretty intense.  Perfect for a fun weekend date, hanging out with your girlfriends, or generally not being in a professional setting.  However, when worn over a black mascara it has a pretty brightening effect that just opens up the eyes and adds an extra pop of something that nobody can quite put their finger on.  Personally, in this context I find it hard to notice after a few hours as the black and blue almost blend to a dark navy.  When I wore it like this to work I had a few of the ladies I work with tell me my makeup looked really pretty, but nobody said "hey, nice blue mascara".  #perfection

This mascara has the same brush as its standard issue black mascara sister.  It is a prickly plastic brush with a rounded bulb on the top-- perfect for getting that wide eye look in the corners of your eyes.

As for wear and longevity and all that fun stuff, it has the same staying power as They're Real, which means it is rough to remove.  I find soaking some cotton pads in Bioderma and then letting it melt off my makeup is the best route to remove this mascara without the pain and hassle of tugging my tender eyelashes.  

Wearing it as a topcoat over Benefit Roller Lash

Wearing as a topcoat over Benefit Roller Lash

I recommend this product, especially with summer having just begun!  Worn over your favourite black mascara it is subtle, and on its own is bright and fun.  I will be updating this post tomorrow with the mascara on its own, so come back and check it out!  (Blame poor lighting conditions or a less than stellar camera!) 

If you can't wait until the 26th the head on over to the Benefit Boutique on Yonge halfway between Eglinton and Lawrence (its a bit of a hike from either station).  Otherwise, order it on Sephora or Benefit's website.  It retails for $31 CAD.

Bonus: The nice lady at the Benefit Boutique gave me a few samples to take home with me, and a free yummy chocolate to enjoy when I got home.  Who said brow waxing was all pain?  Stay tuned next week when I share my adventure to the Brow Bar with you!  Spoiler alert:  I will be going back!

Do you plan on purchasing the new blue or brown mascara?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. Ouu! I have purple mascara from Sally's beauty. I love it (although I can't find much excuse to wear it...)
    It's about time they brought out new colours!
    Your eyebrows look awesome!

    1. Wear it out this summer just because :)

      And thank you! I use the twist up pencil by MAC, and just had them cleaned up at the Benefit Boutique! Will be posting all about that trip soon!

  2. Interesting! Would love the Brown one!

    1. Try it! I've never really been into brown mascara because I always remember as a young teen my mom would only let me wear brown, never black so once I was old enough to make my own mascara choices I gravitated to the blackest blacks possible!