More than just Naked Palettes: Urban Decay Naked Blush & Bronzer & Highlighter & Lipgloss

Monday 22 June 2015


Every month the Canadian Beauty Bloggers have a featured brand.  And every month, until this one, I have managed to *just* miss it.  But for Urban Decay?  Couldn't miss that for the world.  Now, coming up with what to post about Urban Decay was actually a bit of work, because I wanted to do something a little different than the standard Naked Palette post (which, spoiler alert: the palettes are ah-mazing and I literally own all five of them).  Other than eyeshadow, Urban Decay does in fact, make other things.  Two products from their Naked line that I adore are Naked Flushed in "Naked" and Naked Lipgloss in "Naked".  Each of these products come in a selection of colours, but I personally find these to be the most flattering on me.

The product comes housed in a beautiful bronze meets rose gold package.  I find the packaging to be sturdy, and the mirror in the palette to be of good quality.

Naked Flushed in "Naked"

This compact palette comes with a bronzer, blush, and highlighter.  In reality it comes with all you need for a weekend away, but as a chronic make-up over-packer I would pack this, and probably like eight more blushes.  But you aren't me!  You are a better packer and much more logical with your packing space.  I would describe my skin as (very) pale, but with more golden undertone than pink.  I find the bronzer to be a bit orange, but the highlighter and blush to be very flattering.  

The blush is a nice pink with a bit of a rosey hint to it.  This blush is quite pigmented, ad a little goes a long way.  I like to use this sparingly, as in the summer too much blush leaves me looking like I have a sunburn!

For me, the real winner in this set is the champagne highlighter.  It is as soft as butter and really does blend exceptionally well.  The thing I love the most about this highlighter is it is strong enough to really wake up under your eyes.  I like to use this along the top of my cheek bones.

The bronzer is good quality, and is easy to blend.  It has a matte finish and a fairly soft pigment.  I like to use this bronzer last with a big fluffy brush (such as Julep's tulip blush brush) in a "3" shape on my face to blend everything together.  In doing this I find I end up with a bit of an airbrushed glow.  I then usually add just a touch more highlighter to really set the whole look.  I find all three in this trio last all day.

I would love to purchase another Naked Flushed Palette (Strip-- that gold highlighter!)

Swatches:  Gloss, Bronzer, Highlighter, Blush

Swatches:  Gloss, Bronzer, Highlighter, Blush

Naked Ultra-Nourishing Lipgloss in "Naked"

Described as being a "nude pink with a pearly pink shift", I would rather describe this as sun kissed in a tube!  While the nude pink is a flattering "my lips but better and glossy", the pearl shift really adds a pretty glow to the whole face.  This lipgloss has a bit of a plumping effect, with a noticeable minty tingle on the lips.  I find this lipgloss to be long wearing (for a gloss), not sticky or tacky, and easy to apply.  I would describe the applicator as an extended, slanted doe-foot applicator.  Sort of the upgraded version of the standard lipgloss wand.  I always feel instantly prettier and perkier when I put this gloss on, and isn't that what makeup is supposed to do?

Again, I would love to purchase another gloss in this line.  I have had my eye on Lovechild and Liar for a while!

Forgive my lack of eyeliner and shadow, I took this photo on Father's Day weekend when the only guy who I needed to impress was my Dad!  And he was plenty impressed with his Toronto Blue Jays giftcard! #sorrynotsorry

I felt like insta-summer when I stepped out beside my pool wearing this gloss and palette.  Seriously, look at that blush.


Both the palette and gloss are well worth the money.  Easy to travel with (for people who aren't me), flattering, and great quality!

Bonus: My dog followed me outside so while I was taking photos for this post she was running around the yard happy as could be!

What are your favourite Urban Decay products for summer? xoxo


  1. I own the Naked Basics palette and I protect it as though it's the holy grail of eye shadows (which in reality it's pretty close! haha)
    But I haven't tried anything else by Urban Decay, thanks for the review :) Next time I'm in Sephora I'm going to have a lot of stuff to check out...

    1. Well, it is the HG of shadows! Let me know what you decide to try!

  2. I like how you featured different UD products than just the palettes. These are both products I am really not familiar with and I'm pretty impressed! I really really like that highlighter! So pretty!

    Melanie | I'm Not a Beauty Guru

    1. Thank you! I love love love my Naked palettes (I have all of them x) ) but Urban Decay makes all sorts of other great products! I'm doing a post about their new lipglosses sometime in the next week so you should watch for that. And agreed :D