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Saturday 13 June 2015


Sephora Favourites sets always prove to be a worthy purchase.  I love the chance to try a bunch of different products in deluxe sizes at an affordable rate.  This fantastic set retails for $30 and has a $61 value and I was lucky enough to receive this as a birthday gift last month.

Living Proof Prime Styler Extender (1oz)

I already have a full size of this primer, but was pleased to receive a mini for travel.  I find this is a solid product for my long, thick wavy hair.  It is a great all in one that tames frizz and makes my hair feel soft but styled.  I like to work some through my wet hair, put it in a pony tail and go to bed. When I wake up and run my fingers through my hair it leaves me with pretty, wavy locks.  The formula is a lightweight gel.

Urban Decay Subversion Mascara Primer (0.15 oz)

I don't usually use a mascara primer, but I love using it for important events or when I know photos will be taken of me.  This is an example of a product that I only need a deluxe mini of, because I know I won't use it enough to make the full size worth it.  I love how bold it makes my eyes look!

Formula X PRIME Base Coat (0.13 oz)

I have got quite a bit of use out of this mini.  I took it with me when I went to Europe ad I found it worked well with all sorts of polish brands, from the high end stuff right on down to the $1.99 bottles I brought with me.  When I run out I plan on picking it up in full size!

Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer (0.14 oz)

This is the product that I will get the least amount of use out of, given that I always reach for my Urban Decay primer first. I found my shadow caked more so than when I use my usual primer.  That being said, this is a great product for travel!

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer (0.14 oz)

<3.  This is my all time favourite face primer.  I love how silky it makes my face feel, and of course, the built in SPF!  Once I get through all my deluxe mini samples I will be purchasing this in full size again and forever more.  I love starting my morning with this luxe primer!  It really does help my mineral based foundations last all day.

Bite Beauty Line & Define Primer (0.3 oz)

I did not think this product would be terribly useful, until I tried it under a bold lipstick and fell in love.  It leaves my lips feeling tingly and tasting minty, while giving and lipstick of mine a powerful upgrade in terms of staying power.  Under matte lipsticks I find it helps offset the drying effects I normally experience.  Best part? Canadian brand.

All in all I love this little set, and for the price you can't go wrong!  I was most interested in trying the Urban Decay mascara primer, and picking up a spare mini of the Hourglass Face Primer.  This is a great way to stock up on classics and try new things while preparing for your next weekend out of town.  I highly recommend this set, and many other Sephora Favourites sets!

What is your favourite Sephora Favourites set?  Did you love this one as much as I did?


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    1. Agreed! Once I use up a few samples, and my full sized Dior Glow primer then I will pick up veil in full size!

    2. Agreed! Once I use up a few samples, and my full sized Dior Glow primer then I will pick up veil in full size!

  2. I hadn't heard about these sets before. They are a great idea! Gives me the chance to try a bunch of products without committing to anything yet.

  3. These kits are actually amazing. They make up the majority of my makeup collection haha. I have the Hourglass primer mini that I bought separately and REALLY like it. I was skeptical because of my oily/combo skin but it's been working out pretty well!

    1. Hahahaha mine too! I use minis almost everyday for something. I'm glad to hear that! I had it in full size last fall, but I committed to myself that I can't buy another full size primer until I finish up all of my mini samples. The struggle is real!

  4. I love the Smashbox primer! I haven't tried these other ones but would like to try them! Victoria Ess

    1. Smashbox has a great primer! I love this little set.