Beauty from Israel: Ahava

Thursday 13 February 2014

Last month I was lucky enough to spend 10 days in Israel.  Ever since I could remember I wanted to travel to the Dead Sea and bask in its salty mineral filled glory.  And here was my chance!  The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth and boarders Israel, Jordan and the West Bank.  The best moment in the Dead Sea, after covering my whole body in mud, was gently floating facing the Jordan Mountains knowing that no sharks or scary fish could hurt me because basically nothing can live in water this salty.   When I got out of the water my skin felt a little... slimy?  I had to rinse off in fresh water.  Annnnnnyways naturally I had to bring back some beauty products, because the minerals in the Dead Sea are super good for your skin.

We were told that Ahava was the best brand to bring back.  It was the most expensive, but also seemed like the best quality.  Bonus!  If we spent over $100 USD we got a special form to get our taxes back on that purchase.  And so I bring you Ahava!

Ahava Clear Purifying Mud Mask (Middle) was about $30 USD,
Ahava Mud Intensive Hand and Foot Cream (Left, Right) was about $30 USD for the pack of two.

Free samples!

Hand cream, foot cream, face mask.

Hand cream: The hand cream has a nice clean scent to it, and is super hydrating. Perfect for Canadian winter.

Foot cream: The foot cream is in the same set as the hand cream, and also smalls clean.  It is much thicker than the hand cream, and more hydrating.  I love to put a bunch on my feet before bed, put some socks on, fall asleep, and wake up to softer, nicer feet.

Face Mask: I am a bit undecided on this front.  Its nice, but it burns a bit.  I left it on for the recommended 2-5 minutes, and it burned.  My skin wasn't noticeably better afterwards.  I'll give it another go.  If it doesn't work maybe my friend who was in Israel with me will want it?  She loved hers!

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