Topbox March 2014

Sunday 30 March 2014

Worst.  Box.  Ever.

Topbox is totally hit and miss.  If you get a privé box then you are golden.  If not... well if not you get this:

-2 foil packs
-1 lip balm
-1 mini lip gloss-stick
-1 skin serum

Foil packets should be banned from these boxes.  Its nice they included two?  Its a facial mask.  That I likely will not ever use.

And the Estee Lauder serum...I have 4 of these in my makeup bin.  All of which were free samples at Sephora.

 Awful foil packs.

A standard lip balm.  And a Clinique lipstick which is nice, but I have also received 3 of these for free at Sephora.

Upon opening this box I promptly cancelled my subscription.  My $10 a month will be well spent at Sephora.

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