Benefit Roller Lash Mascara: Review

Wednesday 6 May 2015


Growing up I was all about Maybelline Great Lash mascara, but as my make-up horizons expanded so did my mascara horizons.  Now it seems that everybody has some new gimmick to make your lashes fuller, longer, more curled, you get the picture.  In full disclosure my favourite mascaras tend to have "wet" formulas and huge fluffy brushes (think Make Up Forever Smokey Extravagant Lash).  All things considered I was sceptical about this mascara.  My biggest question was if this mascara was worth they hype.  Keep reading to see what I thought about this (beautiful) (retro) product!

Benefit knows how to hype up a product like nobody's business.  I was a bit worried that all of the hype would leave me disappointed by this retro themed product.  However, after wearing this mascara for weeks on end I am happy to report that this product is totally worth the hype.

The rubberized handle is inspired by 1950s hair curlers-- just like the rest of this retro-glam product!

I was fortunate enough to get a deluxe sample of this mascara to try before I took the plunge and paid $29 for it at Sephora.  Clearly I loved the product because I now have the full size in hand!  The best part was that when I purchased this, the lady at Sephora gave me an additional mini!  While the minis have the same special brush, the packaging is no where near as cute.

I love how comfortable this handle is to hold.

This mascara is inspired by 1950s style hair rollers.  This inspiration can be found in the packaging, and most importantly, on the brush.  Their custom Hook 'n' Roll brush has tiny little hooks to curl each lash, creating a wide eye, mega curl look.  With the mascara on the wand (a grey-black rather than a true black) it is hard to see the little hooks, but they are there, hiding close to the wand.

When applying this mascara I like to do one coat straight through the lashes to apply some product, and then a second coat where I gently shimmy and rotate the brush to get the curl.  Depending on where I "catch" my lashes I will repeat this process of shimmy 'n' curl two to three times. I finish off with making sure I covered the corners of my eyes and then a quick sweep along my lower lashes.   

I was never a big fan of Benefit's They're Real Mascara.  I found it way to difficult to remove, and that it left my lashes feeling crispy and flat.  I am happy to report that while this mascara lasts all day (and all night) that it is reasonable to remove with proper makeup remover.  I use a soaked pad of Bioderma to melt this product away.  No tugging required! 

Check out those lashes!  No lash curler used.


This mascara is everything I wanted They're real to be, and more.  Lasts all day, curls my lashes without the use of a lash curler, easy to remove, and not spider-like in the slightest.  I am genuinely happy with this product, and have been using it for about three weeks every day.  I haven't even reached for another mascara!  All of that it to say that Benefit really lived up to their hype.  This is a quality product that ticks off all of the right boxes for me!  I can only hope that Benefit keeps up the great work! 

PS.  No mid-day mascara flakes on my cheeks!

This product can be purchased at Sephora, Murale, and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Have you tried this mascara?  What did you think?  Do you love the retro feel?

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