Staying Cute in Toronto's Winter

Thursday 19 January 2017

stay cute and warm this winter

Okay, so there are two winters. There is the winter every beauty & fashion blogger dreams of where big fat snowflakes whimsically drift from the sky, where you go skiing and come back to a warm hot chocolate by the fire (#nofilter!), where you have a cute cozy jacket that keeps you warm, and where you can wear cute shoes. And then there is Canadian winter. This winter, that is my every day more or less December through February is one full of slush, where salt wreaks havoc on your boots, and where your jacket is so big that you can hardly hold a purse on your shoulders. Oh, and did I mention that its so cold that your photographer (aka friend) will totally resent you for the toll it takes for her to snap some casual pics of you while her fingers more or less fall off? Yeah, so that’s the winter I am currently dealing with. (Well, not entirely, I write this from 40,000 feet in the air on my way to LA…).

 Many of you LOVED my fall #ootd—and I did too. That jacket was so flattering, and made me feel so pretty. My winter jacket? It makes me feel like a big, cylindrical blob. It keeps me so warm and toasty, and I wouldn’t change that for the world, but I don’t really feel pretty wearing it. I jokingly call it my “marshmallow coat”. It is so big and cozy that I basically can’t carry a cross body purse.

All of that is to say winter does not leave me feeling cute, so I wanted to share a few accessories and tips that make me feel cute in spite of how un-cute my (entirely functional and very nice) coat makes me feel—oh and I just wanted to add, that I am not looking for a cute coat. I have had cute coats in the past that have left my hanging when the temperature dips under -8c. My coat keeps me so warm!!).

stay cute and warm this winter

A Cozy Scarf

I got this adorable scarf from Reitman’s on sale, 30% off, for a total of about $23! It is white and grey, super long, and has a nice, subtle chevron pattern. I love a neutral scarf that goes with anything, and bright whites just look so pretty in winter. This one is heavy enough to keep me warm, without being bulky.

chapters indigo hat

A Pompomed Hat

There is something just so pretty and feminine about a pale pink hat with a big furry pompom on top! I picked up this gem at Chapters Indigo (which is basically all of my lifestyle #goals—seriously, I spend so much there and I hardly ever buy books) for about $20 and I have no regrets. For the first winter ever I am actually actively wearing a hat, because it is equal parts accessory and function. I will say that if you are looking for a warm hat this may not be for you, but if you are looking for something stylish that will keep you warm enough? Well this beauty comes in several different colours. (Similar)

winter kate spade purse

A Purse You Can Carry

My favourite way to carry a bag is cross body—functional, leaves my hands free, and easy. But with my mammoth of a winter coat that is just not an option. Thankfully this structured medium sized Kate Spade bag has a handle on the top that is comfortable to hold. Carrying my bag this way makes it feel like a little tiny briefcase.

reitman's scarf

Pink Lips

Something about rosy pink lips and skin that hasn’t seen the warm sun in months just calls for a cool neutral pink lip. You guys know I am next level obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury’s lipsticks—here I am wearing Liv It Up topped with a slightly shimmery lip gloss. Other winter favourites include MAC’s Cream Cup, NARS Chelsea Girls (lip gloss), and Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach.

reitman's scarf

A Healthy Glow

In the winter I like to keep my makeup light and focused on hydration. In this photo I was wearing Clarin’s BB Detox Cream (my latest foundation love), and Too Faced’s White Chocolate Chip eyeshadow palette, using the black shadow to create a soft wing. I am wearing the Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach blush, a really light bronzer and of course highlighter. The key to this go-to winter look of mine is to use soft neutral shades, blend well, and don’t worry too much about the contour/Instagram brow trend. Just look pretty, and soft, and natural.

What are some of your favourite accessories this winter?

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