Registry Essentials: The Perfect Kitchenaid Stand Mixer For Your Apartment (& homemade pasta!)

Monday 20 August 2018

kitchenaid stand mixer artisan mini 3.5 quart review

Registering for our wedding has been one of the most fun parts about wedding planning. Yes, I know weddings aren't all about the gifts, but there is something really fun about picking out a whole bunch of things to start your new life with, and thinking about all the ways you will get to use them. Sure, its just a serving tray, but that tray represents all the fun grown up dinner parties you will host. Yes, that's just a vase, but thats the vase that will sit on the table with all your new dishes when you host Christmas for the first time ever and it will be filled with flowers that your husband picked up for you.

Well, you can't think about registering with out seeing an ad for a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, or without seeing one of your friends be gifted one at her shower! Of course, I knew I wanted to register for a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, but I had two concerns. First, where would I put it in our apartment, and second, what colour should I get? I would have loved to have had the navy one, or the teal/Tiffany Blue, but I don't know if that will match a future kitchen. We are hoping to buy a townhouse in the next year or two, so I wanted something that would match anywhere, plus, I love how clean and bright white looks, so we went with a white mixer.

Recently KitchenAid has introduced their newest mixer, the Artisan Mini 3.5 qt. Stand Mixer. Retailing in at $100 less than the "standard" 5 qt. at $429, the Artisan Mini is 25% lighter and 20% smaller than its full sized cousin. We use an Ikea Kallax as a bookshelf/storage unit just beside our kitchen, and the Artisan Mini fits perfectly in one of the cubbies. Just like the 5 qt mixer, the mini has 10 mixing speeds, a dough hook, a flat beater, a wire whisk and a stainless steel bowl. The 5 qt. comes with an additional pouring shield.

I was initially worried that the 3.5 qt would have a significant impact on the volume of food that I am able to make. However this has not been an issue for me. Day-to-day it is just my fiancé and I at home, and anything I make leaves us with loads of leftovers. When we have guests there is still more than enough to go around. I figure that one day, if our needs change we can always buy a larger one.

The first thing that I made with my Artisan Mini was a batch of scones. After I got more comfortable using the machine I ventured into something that I never imagined myself making from scratch: pasta.

kitchenaid stand mixer artisan mini 3.5 quart review

I started by mixing the dough in the mixing bowl.

kitchenaid deluxe pasta set review

Then I attached on the pasta press. I found it really easy to attach and to use.

kitchenaid deluxe pasta set review

I used the pasta press as directed to smooth out my dough so I could feet it through the cutter.

kitchenaid deluxe pasta set review

I proceeded to stretch my dough out to the seventh setting which resulted in a very fine pasta. I would suggest stopping at the fifth setting as I found the pasta I made was a bit too fine for my liking.

kitchenaid deluxe pasta set review

I then switched from the rolling attachment to the cutting attachment. KitchenAid's Deluxe Pasta Set ($299.99) comes with a pasta roller and four different cutters. Each cutter has its name embossed on it, so you won't be able to forget which is which. The Deluxe Pasta Set comes with a lasagnette cutter, a capellini cutter, a fettuccini cutter and a spaghetti cutter.

If the Deluxe Pasta Set is outside of your budget, or you think it is a bit too much to ask of your guests you can also consider the 3 Piece Pasta Roller Attachment Set ($269.99), the Pasta Cutter Attachment ($169.99) or just the Pasta Roller ($106.99).

kitchenaid deluxe pasta set review

I was really surprised at how quick pasta making was once it came time for the cutting. I just fed my long, thing sheets of pasta into the cutter and out flowed soft and silky hand made pasta. I rolled each sheet of cut pasta into "doughnuts" (inspired by the fancy part of the grocery store). 

home made pasta kitchenaid stand mixer

Half of the pasta went in the freezer for future use, and the other half...

home made pasta kitchenaid stand mixer

...became this beautiful pasta. Made with my special pesto cream sauce, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and was amazing.  My fiancĂ© was impressed by how fresh the pasta tasted and was already dreaming up new dishes to enjoy it with before he was done the first bite.

Overall it was very satisfying to have taken some flour, salt, eggs and oil and have turned it into fresh pasta with the silkiest consistency I could imagine. Did I mention how silky it felt? Because it was silky. 

Based on the success of the Deluxe Pasta Set, I already have my eye on the Pasta Drying Rack, the Food Processor attachment, and the Spiralizer attachment!

If you were wondering, I followed KitchenAid's basic pasta recipe. Next time I want to try adding spinach, mushrooms, or other flavours, direct to the pasta.

This post is sponsored by KitchenAid Canada. Views are my own!

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