Coca Cola Collection by OPI: Coke and Diet Coke

Monday 28 July 2014

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Diet Coke is my drink.  Let me be clear, when I go to a bar with friends, I order one.  When I am bored at home, I have one.  When I was in high school I had a case in my locker.  While some may call it an "addiction" I prefer to pretend I didn't hear what they said.

When OPI launched their Coca Cola line I knew I had to have both the Coke and the Diet Coke inspired polishes.  I didn't even care if the colours were pretty.  Diet Coke + Nail Polish.  DONE.  This collection came out in May of 2014.  I ended up ordering it from Nail Polish Canada right away because I didn't want to miss out.

Holding a can of Diet Coke while writing this post wearing Coca Cola Red.  So much happy.

Coca Cola Red and My Signature is "DC".

Coca Cola Red
This is a perfect bright red.  Timeless, classic, and not to be outdone.  The formula is a dream!  Opaque in one coat, but I applied two for good measure.  Not a chip in sight after 3 days with no top or base coat.  It dries to a high gloss finish.  This shade is eternally classic.  Just a dream to apply.  (I was so happy with their formula I actually bought two more OPI cream polishes this weekend.  Oops?)


My Signature is "DC"
This really isn't a shade I would normally go for, so I put it on my toes where nobody would see it.  This formula was opaque in one coat (but I applied two).  Three days later, no top or base coat, and no chipping!  Again, a real pleasure to apply.  This metallic shade is a bit of a holo as well.  It is a bit too flashy for work, but I mean it is inspired by Diet Coke.  I had to have it.

If you don't like feet, too bad.  

I am thrilled with these two purchases.  It really made me question why I waste so much time and money with Julep.  Once I am out of points I think I will be re-thinking that subscription.  Especially after seeing just how wonderful the OPI formulas are.  They cost less for way more product that lasts longer.  Its really a no-brainer.  I ended up picking up two more OPI shades this weekend, stay tuned for my post about them!

What is your favourite nail polish brand?  Why?

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