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Sunday 6 September 2015

The lovely people at The Face Shop have teamed up with the CBB (check out our new website!) so we can share our thoughts on this fun brand.  I've shopped at The Face Shop a few times before, and am familiar with their "classic" mask but have not tried their VITA line.  I was pretty thrilled to come home to a surprise package of face masks, and am excited to be sharing my thoughts on their products with you.

I love how affordable The Face Shop is.  Each of these single use sheet masks retails for about $2.

First up is the VITA C*.  This "hydro gel" mask comes in two parts: the upper part for the forehead, and cheeks, and the lower part to surround the mouth.  The mask its self feels like thin rubber, rather than the traditional paper or cotton feel.  I found that the rubber texture also assisted in keeping this mask on my face.  I like that it comes divided as it was easier to find a shape that fit and stayed put for the recommended 20-30 minutes.  This mask also came wrapped in plastic which meant that the serum was on the mask, not at the bottom of the bag.  While wearing the mask I found it to be cooling, but from time to time to be a touch itchy.  Nothing crazy, but not the most comfortable thing ever.  I love the concept behind this mask, and can't wait to try more from this line.  I've found that any Vitamin C heavy serum product (other than my Ole Henriksen oil) that I have used has been a bit itchy, so I can't blame The Face Shop for that!  I will say that this mask left my face visibly brighter, clearer and tighter.  I love the results, but I don't love the mild itch while I use it.  I'm looking forward to trying VITA E* later this week.

A close-up look of the two part plastic sheet mask.

It has been a week since I used VITA C* and I think it is time for another mask!  This time I decided to go with the Kelp* mask.  The actual mask was the usual cotton/fabric single piece sheet.  It was calming and cooling.  Once I removed it the left over serum was a bit sticky, but it settled into my skin fairly quickly.  While my face did not look terribly different after use, my skin felt nice and pampered.  I can't really speak to any long lasting effects, but for $2 this is a nice little 10-minutes-or-so-pampering.  These would be wonderful for a girls night!

My final mask to review is VITA E*.  I'll spare you the details: the mask is the same format as VITA C* just with a different serum.  I found my face felt tighter (in a good way) after using VITA E.  This was much more calming on my skin than VITA C* and left my skin feeling soft and not at all itchy.

Of the three masks I tried VITA E* was my favourite.  Not itchy like VITA C* and not sticky like Kelp*, this mask left my skin tight, soft, and non-irritated.  I love that The Face Shop carries masks for every skin type and concern.  At $2 a pop I would just suggest grabbing the ones that interest you and seeing what works best for you.  Some of my other favourites include Blueberry (same line as Kelp) and Aloe.  I've also learned that this month The Face Shop is launching cream based sheet masks.  Can't wait to try them!

What are your favourite masks from The Face Shop?

All three of these masks were provided for my review.


  1. $2 is a decent deal!
    Thanks for sharing, these look great :)

    1. Right? For $2 why not try the whole collection x)

  2. I love sheet masks! I have a few from TFS at home, but I don't think I've tried any yet.