Worth the Splurge | NYX Istanbul vs Sephora Pink

Tuesday 1 September 2015


Hey Classy On The Run readers! I'm interrupting your regularly scheduled program to do a little guest post today. I'm Danielle and you can find me over at DarlingMagpie.com, I'm a beauty blogger from Toronto who is obsessed with beauty challenges, subscriptions and excuses to use all the nail polish I've accumulated in my life.

The theme for this month's guest post? 'Worth the Splurge'.

It's funny, because when you think about it, splurge is a weird word. It means to spend extravagantly or impulsively, but, in truth, it can be used to describe pretty much anything. A pricey eyeliner or mascara, a trendy skincare product, or simply yet another unnecessary (but always totally necessary) lipstick. Because it's so ambiguous, I was having a hard time deciding what a splurge-worthy item for this post was. So instead of doing a 'Look at this pricey thing I bought!', I wanted to compare two items, one that's worth the splurge, and one that's a decent dupe.

Want to save?

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul

A staple in any lipstick lover's arsenal! No beauty addict worth her salt is unfamiliar with these babies, regardless of how tricky it can be to find them in Canada sometimes. These popular lip creams come in a decent variety of colours, the formula is oh-so-soft and go from creamy to matte in a manner of minutes. My only issue with these lip creams is that they just don't last. They look great but they do require quite a few reapplications to keep your lips looking fresh all day long. But since the formula builds so nicely, it's not a huge deal. And you can't go wrong with only $6.

But... let's splurge.

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in Pink Souffle

I know, I know what you're thinking. 'Sephora Collection? Puh-leeze.' But hear me out! They've changed their formula and these lip stains are no joke. I was recently at a Sephora event where I was re-introduced to these beauties and I was totally impressed with their colour and staying power. A quick coat dries within a few minutes and leaves you with a long-lasting pout that will sit the ENTIRE DAY. The only time I need to reapply this lip stain is after a serious amount of noshing. I was absolutely taken with Pink Souffle, which is a deep rose, and each time I wear it, I love it more and more. If you're looking for a trendier colour, Marvelous Mauve is one of the most popular of these stains, and Blackberry Sorbet is great for a quick pop of drama. At $16, these are hardly the priciest thing in Sephora, so ignore the fact that you could buy a MAC lippie for this price and give this lip stain a whirl.

So there you have it. A product that is worth the splurge, and a great alternative if you want to save.

Do you own either of these lippies? Have I offended the NYX cult by recommending a high-end dupe? Let me know! And thanks to Alanna for letting me jump in today.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts with my blog, Danielle!  I'm also a huge fan of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme (I love Monaco) but will have to give the Sephora brand a second chance next time I am in store!

And to my readers: next week I will be back on a more regular posting schedule! My summer internship has been pretty busy this month, and between work, moving back home and finding a new job things have been pretty crazy!  Looking forward to sharing my favourites for fall with you, and a whole slew of Too Faced product reviews (Born This Way foundation is also totally worth the splurge!) xoxo

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