My July IPSY Bag (+ swapping horror story)

Friday 21 August 2015

ipsy bag unboxing

I always love when my IPSY bag arrives easy month, but this summer I have been a bit slow to post since I am living away from home!  This month was a bit disappointing for me, but that was easily resolved by my first ever swap!

ipsy bag unboxing

This month I recieved a sea salt spray, Tarte bronzer, eyeliner, tweezers, and a Vasanti scrub that I have now recieved about 5 times from various boxes.  I also redeemed 1000 points for a full sized Smashbox lipstick in "Mandarin".

I don't often use salt sprays, but this product is a generous size and could be fun for a low maintenance hair style.  While many people were coveting the bronzer, it was the only high end item I was not interested in in the slightest!  Bronzers are among my least used products, and I actually already have this exact product sitting alone and unloved back home. I ended up swapping it for the Nudestix eyeshadow (more on that soon).  The eyeliner is pretty "meh", I mean it does the job but is not the most exciting.  As for the Vasanti, as I always say, I've got my skincare routine that works for

smashbox mandarin lipstick

I was the most excited about redeeming 1000 points for a full sized lipstick.  Smashbox makes pretty solid lipsticks, and Mandarin is the sort of orange-coral that I gravitate towards in the summer.  I was pretty pleased that I managed to snag a 1000 point gift that I actually like before my points expired!

The bag this month has a fun festival theme to it that reminds me of waves and feathers.  I like the colour scheme, and the bag's fabric texture.  I can see this getting some use!

Smashbox Mandarin and Jelly Pong Pong Eyeliner

My swapping horror story...

So I have never, until now, swapped make-up with strangers on the internet.  However I knew there was a market for the bronzer, and I really, really wanted the Nudestix.  I'm a member of a group on Facebook where this is common, and so I decided to give it a go.  The lady I was swapping with was really nice, and we agreed to swap with stamps (so no tracking).  We communicated regularly and I let her know when mine arrived (safely and in great condition).  I then didn't hear from her for a few weeks, and had simply assumed that the parcel arrived and that she didn't bother to tell me (not an issue in my books).  Well, two and a half weeks after I mailed it she let me know that it had not yet arrived.  I was pretty worried as this was my first swap and I didn't want to be "that person".  Thankfully a few days later it arrived at her home, opened but everything there (other than a sample or two), on a Saturday.  We're not really sure what happened, but it was pretty odd!  I was pretty worried and was imaging the worst!

My tips if you plan to swap with a stranger: communicate, send photos, and if something goes wrong (such as if what you send does not arrive) be ready for "plan B".  My "plan B" was going to involve offering her something else from my pile of extras.

So there is my first encounter with swapping, and my latest ipsy bag!  Have you ever swapped before?

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