Essence Paint Nite!*

Thursday 6 August 2015


Last week I had the utter joy of attending another Essence event.  This time the theme was Paint Nite!  I loved getting to learn about their Fall/Winter launches in North America, and of course getting to paint!  The worst part about the event though was having just gotten back from Europe and seeing how many amazing different products they have there and then getting back to Canada and only having access to a fraction of them.  I love that the gel nail polishes are making their way across the pond...but about those matte lipglosses!

Found this crazy zebra at paint nite!

Some of the new additions include a Benefit styled nude shadow palette, I <3 Trends nude nail polishes, coconut scented bronzers, nude styled lipsticks, a mascara, and of course gel polishes replacing the old polishes.  Essence was kind enough to give me a big bag of goodies to test and review, so stay tuned over the coming month as I do just that!

The idea behind paint nite is that you attempt to recreate a painting by the instructor.

My blank canvass!

Apparently I did the painting wrong, oh well! I had fun and that's all that matters!

Loved getting to meet fellow CBB members!  Hi Ling!

My messy master piece is almost done!

I added the lips because I could.  Instruction piece?  #sorrynotsorry

Of course, it looked better with wine!

Look at those new gel polish pretties!  I need that hot pink.  Love that they will be retailing for only $2.99.  As you have probably heard I picked up some of these while I was in Europe.  You can read my review here.  I'm so thrilled that they will be available at Shoppers Drug Marts across Canada over the next few weeks!  I can't wait to review more colours, and of course, the many wonderful new products that will be coming out soon!

I can honestly say that based on price and quality that Essence is my favourite all-round drugstore brand.  What do you think of Essence?

Attending this event was a free PR event for bloggers.  All product received was for my consideration and I will clearly mark which products they gave me in upcoming reviews.


  1. OMG the pic of Ling and you is adorable!!! :) And the painting looks great! I'm looking forward to checking out their gel polishes!

  2. Haha I think this is the only decent picture taken of me I've seen lately :P
    I wish we had more essence stuff here too. Like those LE collections that we never get.

  3. The event looks amazing! Glad you had fun! ;)