Julep Drenched Collection | July 2015

Monday 3 August 2015

Julep July 2015

Every month I look forward to both selecting my box and to the arrival of my box.  I know this review is a little bit late, but bare with me.  See, when I opened my box I was so excited to find my polishes, and my body wash...and a konjac face sponge.  I didn't want to provide a review without one of the items I was so excited to review, so I had to contact Julep and wait for my body sponge to arrive.  And let me tell you, it was worth the wait!  So, I ended up writing a post that includes both my box and my Secret Store order.

Julep July 2015

Ginger is a golden liquid holographic that is easily a full coverage polish.  While it isnt super holographic it is different, and shimmery and lovely.  I am a sucker for turquoise, so you guys can't let me order another Julep turquoise because they. are. all. the. same.  Seriously, Alyssa looks more or less like every other Julep in that colour family.  Don't get me wrong, she is pretty and full coverage and beautiful, but beautiful and the same.  Juliana is a "pink grapefruit sheer iridescent".  I wasn't sure what that really meant...but I like grapefruit! Juliana has quickly become my favourite of the collection.  She is reasonably opaque at two and a half coats (does that make sense?  Two coats with some touch up).  I love how pink and summery Juliana is!  Really a fun colour.  Flora was a Secret Store order that came in a trio (I think?) and I ordered her as a back up.  Flora is a pretty, fun electric purple.  Magdalene (what an interesting name!  Gives me hope that one day I could have a namesake polish) looks like the ocean in a bottle.  A shimmery, mysterious blue that I just can't wait to put on my toes!  Finally, Poppy, which I totally ordered for the name, is a poppy red jelly.  I need to try making a jelly sandwich but all my good sparkles are at home so I will have to put that idea on hold.

Julep July 2015

Rethink Your Shower (can Julep just please go back to normal names?  I'm not a fan of these epic long titles) has a consistency closer to water than oil.  So if you were expecting Bare Face, well, you should just order Bare Face because this is pretty different.  I love the pump and find it takes about three to get enough on my Konjac Sponge for Body to properly wash.  The grapefruit scent is super yummy and refreshing, and my skin is left feeling clean and nice.  Personally, I would not pay the $38 regular price, so unless I can put it in my box or get it in the secret Store on a good deal I don't see myself purchasing this again.  Don't get me wrong, its nice, but The Body Shop (or even LUSH) is cheaper and just as good if not better.

Julep July 2015 Swatch

Magdalene, Alyssa, Flora, Ginger, Juliana, no flash.

Not sure why I didn't include Poppy...

Julep July 2015 Swatches

Magdalene, Alyssa, Flora, Ginger, Juliana, with flash.

Julep Juliana Swatches

Wearing Juliana to a Jay's game!

What did you think of July's Julep Maven options?  I really loved the polishes, and the products.  If the Canadian dollar wasn't so blergh right now I might have gone for the Ultimate Upgrade, but as it stands I just can't justify it.  Moving forward I am going to try to limit myself to just getting the box with no add-ons.  I love their polish but it is looking more and more the same, and I hardly use it past the first month or two anyways,

I'm also going to work to getting back to a daily posting schedule.  I've enjoyed taking some time to have fun, but I have missed the blog!  I'm working on some really cool things for the next few weeks for you guys!  However, work has been super busy and the sun won't always be this beautiful and warm!

What did you think of Julep's July collection?  

xoxoxo Classy On The Run

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