Best Bite Rewind | Christmas Set

Monday 5 October 2015

This set appears to be out of stock on Sephora's Canadian website, however check back often because you never know!

Best Bite Rewind Christmas Set

For the last few Christmases Bite has released a set of four minis in a little tin.  I passed on last season's set because it was too similar to the year before, however this year each lip crayon had a matte creme you know.  I simply had to have it!  This set retails/ed for $29 CAD at Sephora, making it an affordable way to test out some great colours.

Best Bite Rewind Christmas Set

Coulis, Aubergine, Torte, Cafe

This set comes with four deluxe sized matte creme lip crayons, and a quality little red tin.  The packaging on each crayon is a matte texture in slate grey with a twist up applicator.  Each crayon has a nice sharp edge, making it perfect for crisp matte lips.  I can't quite place my finger on the scent of the lippie, but it is sweet and yummy and I love it.  The tin has a nice big mirror on the inside which is very useful for applying on the go. 

Best Bite Rewind Christmas Set Swatch

Coulis, Aubergine, Torte, Cafe
(And a burn scar from the last time I tried to make bacon :( )

Each of these lippies is long lasting, and is pretty gentle on the lips.  They manage to balance a matte finish with a creamy texture.  Gold star (as usual) for Bite!  I love that each of these shades is flattering on me, and I am sure that there is something in here for every girl.

I can see this set being a great gift for any girl who loves make up (hello stocking stuffers!), for a best friend, or for a younger cousin making her first step in the higher end make-up world. 

Best Bite Rewind Christmas Set cafe

Wearing Cafe

This is a pretty soft nude with a beige-pink base.

Wearing Torte

I felt so pretty wearing this rose my-lips-but-better shade.  Possibly my new everyday!  I can't say it enough, I simply feel pretty in this, 

Best Bite Rewind Christmas Set Coulis

Wearing Coulis

This colour makes me swoon: a nice deep berry red.  Hello Christmas!

Best Bite Rewind Christmas Set Aubergine

Wearing Aubergine

This isn't in my usual comfort zone, but this rich purple is so fun.

Mini lip sets are a great way to try a few shades of some great products.  This set does a great job by offering a nude, a pink, a red, and a purple.  I'm sure there is something for everyone here!  I really hope that Sephora brings it back in stock so it can make its way to your collection.  Here's hoping that Santa brings this to your stocking.

xoxo Happy Christmas Shopping!

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing reviews of some Christmas sets I have had the chance to pick up including the Tarte Blush Palette, Smashbox Blush Palette, and Naked Smokey.  Hopefully more to come :*


  1. All four of these look great on you!

  2. I'm so tempted by this set, but I'm wondering how Cafe would look on me. I hope it's still in stock somewhere!

    1. I hope so too! If you can get a hold of it its worth-- all the colours are stunning. Right now I am loving Coulis, but I think Cafe will get some more love once real winter hits.