Introducing the Beauty Department at H & M*

Friday 9 October 2015


When I first heard that H & M was totally re-vamping their beauty line up I was pretty interested.  H & M is in the fast fashion industry, which means they produce things cheap, and they produce them fast.  When trends change, H & M can turn on a dime.  In the beauty world this really excites me because I know that when trends change H & M will be among the first to know.  H & M was kind enough to send some products my way and I am excited to share my thoughts with you!

Last month these products launched at the Toronto Eaton's Centre, at H & M's Flagship Store.  But before I get into telling you about their new goodies, I wanted to give you a peek of what the in store set-up looks like:

In terms of both price and quality I would place H & M's product somewhere between drug store and mid-end Sephora.  Based on the four products I tried, I loved the lipstick and blush, and was happy with the eyeshadow and face powder.  This would be a great place to pick up special occasion products that you may only get a few uses out of (hello Halloween!), and a great line to introduce younger sisters and cousins to.  Of course, these products are great for any girl looking to get decent quality without breaking the bank.  I'm thinking of getting my little cousin a shadow palette from here for Christmas.  While I would love to splurge and buy her a Naked palette, H & M has great quality at a price point more accessible for teens.

I can't find the stat, but this launch includes over 700 products which is insane.  I was lucky enough to get to try five.  Over all the packaging is good quality.  I love the cream, black and gold colour scheme.  Very classic.  Here are my thoughts:

Pure Radiance Powder Blush - Apricot $12.99

This pretty little peachy blush is a great pop of colour for every day wear.  It blends well, and lasts my whole work day.  This blush is great when I am in a huge rush with just a pop of mascara and a neutral lip gloss.

True Matte Finishing Powder - Warm Beige $12.99

So let me preface by saying this is 100% the wrong colour for me.  So wrong that I have used it as a cool toned bronzer.  The powder is pretty soft and enjoyable to use.

Eye Colour Palette - Smoky Nudes $12.99

This is a great little product.  I love the super sparkly shade in the middle and the UD Sin dupe on top of it.  It is a great mix of matte, sparkle and shimmer.  I find the shimmers are the best quality-- the mattes can be a little chalky, but that could just be me being spoiled by my Naked palette collection.  Over all they blend well and have a good wear time.

Cream Lip Colour - Candy Apply $12.99

K so this is my favourite product I got to try.  It applies like a high gloss lacquer and hugs my lips like its nobody's business.  I feel so *on* when I wear this.  As you probably know by now, I love love love red-orange lipsticks, and this is no exception.  Smooth, creamy, long lasting, and super bright.  I'll have to try more!

Nail Colour - Stockholm $6.99

This sparkle top coat reminds me of the Northern Lights, and I can't wait to wear it in the winter.  I love the brush shape for these polishes, and the colour selection is huge!  

The top middle shadow is a good dupe for UD Sin.  The middle middle shadow? So much sparkle I love it.

Candy Apple = Love

What I want to try next: Matte Lip Colour, Pure Velvet Cream Blusher, Cashmere Haze and/or Midnight Muse Body Scrub, Do It All BB Cream (hair).

What are you most excited about with this new launch?

Products were provided for my review. 


  1. Those are decently priced! Then again, H&M is fairly reasonably priced with everything else as well!

    Thanks for sharing, I'll have to pop by next time I visit the Eaton Centre :)

    1. Agreed! I mean $12.99 can easily add up, but I think over all the price is great. Let me know what you end up getting :)