Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF 20*

Wednesday 17 August 2016

dermalogica sheer tint spf 20 light

Earlier this summer I was sent this foundation for my review and today I am here with my thoughts. This summer in Toronto has been one of the hottest on record.  I arrive t work sweating, and I can't count the number of times I have burned part of my face by simply walking outside. In the summer I crave lighter foundations, and SPF is not up for negotiation, so of course I was thrilled to try this out.

dermalogica sheer tint spf 20 light

Sheer Tint comes in 3 shades: light, medium and dark.  I have not seen the other two shades so I can't really speak to their range.  Given how sheer "light" is, I think that you could probably make it work. The product smells strongly of sunscreen, and has a bit of an odd consistency when it comes out of the tube. I had as much success applying it with my fingers as I did with a beauty sponge. I found that after using it for a week straight my skin was radiant and clear, so clearly the skin care ingredients in it work. If you have dark circles or bad acne or scars this may not be the foundation for you. My skin is even textured and clear, so I found this was all the touching up I needed this summer.  You can learn more about the product here.

dermalogica sheer tint spf 20 light

Here I am wearing it with bronzer and blush.  No powder, no concealer. It felt comfortable on my skin.  While this is without a doubt the sheerest foundation I own, it has earned a spot in my collection. I don't think I will be reaching much for this once it turns to fall, but I can imagine that this will be coming with my to Cuba over New Years-- sun protection, and low maintenance! On another note, wearing this foundation showcased my super light dusting of freckles on my nose and cheek bones, and I actually really enjoyed that. I hope it makes sense, but this is one of those tinted moisturizers that is skin care, before make-up.  In this case, I think that's a good thing.

This retails for about $60 and can be purchased at select salons and spas.

Hey guys, sorry that I haven't been posting much in August!  I was helping organize a huge conference at work, and took a week long vacation with my boyfriend! And then when I wanted to photograph posts it was dreary outside--- all of that is to say, I'm back and my goal for the next few weeks is 2-3 posts per week. I have also been uploading 1-2 times a week on my new YouTube channel. I will be having a huge 500 subscriber giveaway, and I am half way there!

Some people online complained that they changed the formula in 2014.  I have never tried that formula so I can't really tell you which was better or why.

*Product was provided for my review

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