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Wednesday 31 August 2016

custom mac palette

Hi friends! I am here today with my latest update in my "Custom MAC Palette" series with both my July and August shadows. Keep reading to find out why this post is a two in one!
So... yeah. I have been pretty good about getting this series done every month.  July was a busy month between work, summer, vacation and my personal life. I only had one chance to go to MAC in July.  I went to a different location than I usually do, and wow was the lady working there unpleasant. I picked out a colour that I thought would be beautiful in my palette, but as it turns out it was not available for the Pro Palette. Rather than say that nicely she said it with so much attitude and then pivoted away to gossip with the other girl and honestly I just felt judged and unwelcome.

In August I went to a MAC in a mall location and the lady was so sweet and helpful. I mentioned what happened the month before, and she asked which location.  I told her which one and she said that she had heard many similar stories about that location from other staff and from customers... so...lesson learned I won't be going back there and will stick with my mall location.  

I was really pissed off about the whole thing and wanted to take some time to decide how to share that with you.  Now on to the shadows!

July - Naval

Navy is one of my favourite colours in general-- clothing, couches, eyeshadow, you name it! I wanted a darker matte shadow to add some depth to my crease.  I thought it would paid great with "Atlantic Blue" and some of the purples in my palette.

August - All That Glitters

Do I need another shimmery golden shade? Nope.  Did I want it? Yup. I wanted to add a warmer gold to my palette, because I love shades like this all over my lid as we move into fall. I think that my next few shadows will be in the brown family to complete my palette.  

Once my palette is full I am going to do a video on my YouTube channel with live swatches and a look tutorial. 

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What shadows do you recommend that would go well with my palette?

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