My Christmas List 2016

Monday 3 October 2016

christmas list 2016

In the coming weeks I will be sharing my gift buying guides with you including my top picks for stocking stuffers, and gifts for friends and family. In the process of curating these lists I have, of course, come up with a list of things I want for myself. I always keep a list on hand to share with grandparents, aunts and uncles. This list will probably grow between now and Christmas, but as it stands here is my wish list!

Gift cards

Sometimes gift cards are the easiest thing to ask for. This year I am the most interested in gift cards to Ikea,The Bay and Chapters-Indigo. Since I am moving out in a few months, these gift cards will be helpful in setting up a new place.

Actual Stuff

Grey Reading Socks

These socks are so warm and cozy, and are my favourite things to wear when I fly. Last Christmas my grandparents bought these for me in baby pink, and one pair just isn't enough.

This Loft Cardigan

I love cozy cardigans when the weather cools down, and this cream coloured one seems like it would be perfect for both at home and at the office! 

Too Faced Melted Matte in Candy Cane

Too Faced is one of my favourite brands, and I am such a sucker for any of their limited edition stuff. Based on reviews I have read on other blogs, this lipstick is the prefect pinkey-red, and tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream. Stay tuned for my full review (because I ordered it for myself while writing this post!).

Drybar Curling Iron

When I was at the Drybar in Beverly Hills the stylist used this on me and I was in love. I hate spending so much money on my hair in one go, so expect to see this on my Christmas list that I send to my mom! This curling iron is really, really lovely.

Pat McGrath Lipsticks

Honestly I don't even know what colour I want-- they all look stunning-- but I know I want atleast one because look at all of the glitter that comes in the package!

Prime Lens

I am still researching exactly which one I want, but probably this one. I want to take the ebst poddible photos for my blog and while on vacation!

Ring Light

As my blog and YouTube continue to grow I think it is the time to invest in a ring light to take better shots of me wearing product. This is probably the top of my wishlist for a "big" gift for this year!

Cat Nap Mask

Last Christmas I bought myself a similar one, but I think I have misplaced it. Anyways over New Years I will be flying to Cuba again this year with a very early morning flight and this was a lifesaver last year! Love that this one has shimmery gold "eyeshadow"! You can read about it in a previous review here

Bobbette and Belle Cookbook

How can you not want a book from the people who make cupcakes this beautiful? Not only will this look beautiful in my new apartment, but maybe it will even inspire me to create some beautiful baked goods!

What's on your Christmas list? What should I add to mine? :)

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