Wedding Planning Update!

Monday 26 March 2018

le dolci unicorn cupcake

Just before Christmas, Stuart and I got engaged! Today I wanted to share a bit with you about where we are at in our wedding planning process.

Before I get deeper into this post, I wanted to first let you know where I got these beautiful goodies from!

I had the mug custom made with Vistaprint (which is quickly becoming a favourite wedding website!) for Christmas, along with matching groom, mother of the bride, father of the bride, mother of the groom and father of the groom mugs. We gave the pairs of mugs to each set of our parents as a Christmas gift, along with a packet of their favourite tea, and they were a huge hit! It was a great way to help our parents feel like they are a part of the process, and for them to show off our good news to their friends!

The cupcakes are from one of my new favourite bakeries, Le Dolci. They were a gift back in December when I attended their grand opening at the Scarborough Town Centre. And while they are long since devoured, the pictures will last forever!

le dolci unicorn cupcake

Things we have done so far:
  • We picked a date! We will be getting married on May 4th, 2019
  • We registered at The Bay & Bed Bath and Beyond
  • We have booked our wedding venue! 
  • We have made a draft list of wedding invitees.
  • We have made a list of people to invite to our engagement party.
  • We have ordered our engagement party invites (and they are so cute!).
  • We have (mostly) picked our bridal party.
  • We picked where we are going for our honeymoon! 
  • We have almost celebrated 5 years together (just two weeks to go!).
  • I've asked the flower girls and ring bearer if they want to be in our wedding, and they all said yes!
Over the next month or so we are hoping to:
  • Finalize our photographer.
  • Finalize our bridal party.

To add to the wedding fun, one of my dearest friends, and future bridesmaid got engaged last week!

le dolci unicorn cupcake

So far I am having a good time planning the wedding. I've been loving adding things to our registry and picking out beautiful touches for our home together. Maybe it sounds silly, but it has really sort of gotten me in the mood-- thinking about how we may use an item and how it could fit into our lives. Maybe a frame that will hold a photo from our honeymoon. Perhaps a chip and dip bowl that we will use when we have guests over. Either way, picturing the next stage of life together is pretty exciting. Of course, we are being pretty selective about what we register for. We only have so much space in our apartment, and would really appreciate cash gifts towards our future home. But there are some things I am really excited about, like some new bedding, or a nice kettle.

We have also pretty much settled on where we want to go on our honeymoon: French Polynesia. I can't wait to stay on a beautiful tropical island, and I am looking forward to planning that out as our next big trip together.

I hope you have enjoyed this little wedding planning update! Looking forward to sharing more with you as more things come together!

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