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Tuesday 27 March 2018

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A few weeks ago my future husband and I went to register at The Bay. We opted to go to their flagship location on Queen Street right across from the Toronto Eaton's Centre. While we decided to take the subway (it was a quick trip for us!) I loved knowing that if we had chosen to drive that they are able to provide free parking on weekends.

We arrived in the gift registry area, surrounded by pretty china, fancy serving wear, and a wall of scanners. We were greeted by a very nice registry assistant who took our coats and walked is through the process. She showed us how to use the scanner, and then told us that anything we register for and buy that we will get 10% off. After that she sent us on our way.

We took a good walk through the two floors that are mostly dedicated to home goods. While there were many things that caught my eye, we were focused on keeping our registry as tight as possible. That being said... a few things did catch my eye! I wanted to share with you a few things that we are excited to have registered for at The Bay!

best thing to register for at the bay

Joseph Joseph Nest 100 Compact Food Set - $164.99

Stuart found this in the kitchen area and was instantly drawn to the idea of being able to stack everything in one place -- mixing bowls, a strainer, and measuring cups. Currently our mixing bowls are a bit hit or miss, and they never quite seem to stack together properly.

best thing to register for at the bay

Le Creuset 0.24L Mini Round Cocotte - $40 (each)

These mini cocottes are inspired by Le Creuset's classic round french ovens, and are a perfect for individual servings. These fun pops of colour would really add to a tablescape for a dinner party, or to a pretty breakfast bar. I registered for four of them in Marsailles, which is a bit of a darker blue than I have featured. Sadly this pretty shade appears to be retiring soon. Heres hoping the have a new pretty blue!

best thing to register for at the bay

Phillips Airfryer - $299

Another Stuart find! He is really excited about the idea of an airfryer, and of all the things we can make in it. I'm a bit skeptical about it, but hey, its his registry too!

best thing to register for at the bay

Gordon Ramsay Maze White 3 Piece Beverage Set - $110

I have some various tea sets, but this one would be a perfect match for my every day dishes. I love how smooth and clean it looks!
best thing to register for at the bay
Royal Doulton Pacific Dots 16 Piece Set - $300

I registered for this set in addition to some serving plates and such. While I am not in the market for fine china (I already have a set!) I do love the idea of having a second set of dishes for hosting friends. I love the blue dot theme. They even have sister collections with stripes and ink blobs which are great to mix and match with. Have you noticed a bit of a blue theme in our home? These get huge bonus points for being dishwasher safe!

Other notes....

One thing to keep in mind with The Bay is their famous Bay Days! Typically held in the Spring and the Fall, quality items can go for amazing prices. For example, we saw a knife set worth well over $500 on sale for about $200. Not only was it by a respected brand, but it included five kitchen knives and a set of steak knives. We also saw a All Clad roasting pan that regularly retailed for $430 on sale for about $200. When guests purchase big ticket items for you, you may want to inquire (with the store! Not your guest!) to if they paid full price for them. If they did, and the item goes on sale consider exchanging it, and repurchasing it with a gift card, and then holding on to the remainder on your gift card for a rainy day (or to buy yourself more items off your registry!). Of course in order to do this successfully, I would suggest not using your gifts until you have made sure they won't go on sale.

While we were walking through the store we also ended up picking up a few things for us to purchase immediately, including a meat tenderiser, a pancake flipper, and some new pillows. In order to get the 10% off our purchase we had to register for them first. The only problem is that these items are now on our registry which our guests will see, and there is no way to delete them since they have been purchased. Thankfully we didn't buy anything embarrassing, but I do wish there was a way to remove them.

Now that I have been home and checking in on my registry from time to time (mostly to add to it!) online, I must say that the website is pretty difficult to navigate. With Bed Bath and Beyond I can browse their website and click "add to registry" as easily as one would normally add to a cart or a favourites list. With The Bay this is impossible. You don't add to your registry through the regular website. You add to it through a special portal. The problem is that you have to know the name of the product you are looking for and you can't really compare through photos. I have been assured by the lady I worked with at the store to set up my registry that this will change and that a new website is in the works. At the moment, my in store experience was excellent. However, the website leaves much to be desired. I am hopeful that the new website will make it easy to find new products to add to the registry.

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