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Wednesday 4 April 2018

best places to register for wedding canada

Registering for our wedding has probably been one of the most fun parts about the wedding process so far. Going to the department store together to scan our way to wedded bliss was pretty great. Not only was it a fun date, but I can't remember the last time that Stuart and I went shopping for something other than groceries together. (actually, I remember some IKEA shopping, but that was more of a hard core attempt at survival rather than an enjoyable experience!).

It was really cool to get a chance to see what he wanted-- and I can guarantee that there are some things on our registry that I never would have even thought of including if it wasn't for him. In particular, a clothing steamer, and an air fryer. He was also really great at wheeling back my over zealous scanning, reminding me that we want to encourage our guests to give cash if possible to help us buy our first home. "We need to save the money to buy the house to fill it with things. Not the other way around." Though... those napkin rings were cute.

Today I wanted to share my tips for your Canadian wedding registry. What makes a Canadian registry any different you may ask...well, it boils down to choice. And by choice, I mean the lack of choice that it can feel that we Canadians have.

I get it. You googled "wedding registry" and you were first met with suggestions for Target, Macy's and Kohls. But as a Canadian bride, you know that those simply aren't options for you. So you scrolled a little further down, and you found Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel. Maybe you even scrolled through their websites, imagining your flawlessly airy and white future kitchen. Perhaps you even found the artisan cheese board of your dreams. I get it, because that was exactly me.

In theory these registries look great, but in practice they simply are not the right fit for most Canadians. With Crate and Barrel, guests can view your registry online, but must either go to a store (which aren't in every province or major city) or phone a store during store hours to place an order. Pottery Barn is much the same. While you can view a registry online, you must make the purchase in store.

the bay wedding registry tips

Curious about my experience registering at The Bay? Read about it here, and also find some of the items I am most excited about!

Make It Easy For Your Guests

Make it easy for your guests to help fill your home. I am happily registered at both The Bay and Bed Bath and Beyond. While Bed Bath and Beyond currently has a much better web process than The Bay, I have been assured that The Bay will have a brand new website soon. I love that with these two options that my guests can either shop in store across the country, or order online and have it sent directly to me. Guests won't have to worry about finding their way to the store (which, if your guests are from as far and wide as mine, they will appreciate!). If you do your wedding invites with Paperless Post, you can even include a handy link to your registries in your invite that will make it really easy for your guests. Earlier this fall I was invited to a friend's wedding through Paperless Post, and I was able to RSVP and purchase the gift will still lying in bed! This same friend also registered at Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel, and while I totally checked out what they registered for, not being able to order online ended up being a deal breaker. Yes, I work a few blocks away from both stores. But then you have to lug the gift home and then you have to bring it to them, and with The Bay it arrived at her home a few days later.

Don't Limit Yourself To One

I had always assumed that I would register at The Bay, and that was it. I mean really, The Bay has everything I could ever possibly want, right? Well, the truth is that no store has everything that you could possibly want, and thankfully there is no reason not to diversify your options and register at two (or even three!) stores. I'm actually really excited about many of the items I have registered for at Bed Bath and Beyond. At the end of the day, each store has exclusive items, and each store has overlap. For example, as a house warming gift my parents purchased the Gordon Ramsay Maze in "White" collection. And while the standard 16 piece / 4 person setting is avialiable at both stores, it appears that only The Bay has their tea set. I have recently taken an interest in jersey sheets. At The Bay you can only register for branded Calvin Klein jersey sheets. However at Bed Bath and Beyond you can register for their exclusive collection from Pure Beech that comes in just about every colour you could want. I don't really think that one registry is necessarily better than the other, they each have different products, different price points, and different bonuses.

If you are really taken by the selection at Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma, or Pottery Barn I would suggest registering at one of Bed Bath and Beyond or The Bay, and then one of Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma, or Pottery Barn. That way your out of town guests can have an easy time ordering online, and your friends who are able to get to a store can purchase a gift for you there. Best of both worlds!

Get That Free Swag

So let's talk about that swag...those perks...

The Bay including Home Outfitters

  • When you go in to register you are given a special card that is valid for six months past your wedding date for 10% off anything on your registry when purchased in store. Pro tip: Take the scanner with you through the store and scan anything you are planning to purchase. Just remember that anything you purchase will show up on your registry as purchased. 
  • I have also been told that you will be eligible for other special offers, promotions and prizes, though have not experienced them myself...yet!

Bed Bath and Beyond

  • After your wedding you will be invited to a completion event in store where you get 20% off any remaining items on your registry (though I understand that you can also purchase other items that catch your eye!). And while the usual 20% off coupon excludes brands like Dyson, my understanding is that the completion event includes everything -- every brand -- in store! 
  • When you register for, and receive, certain items -- think 5 place settings of a particular fine china, or $500 from a particular brand, you can mail in a coupon to be sent a free item through their popular Freebook.

Crate and Barrel

  • Shortly after your wedding date they will mail you a 10% off completion card that you can use on any item in store (even if it was not on your registry!) for six months following your wedding.

Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn & West Elm

  • 15% off anything left on your registry after your wedding, plus anything else that you may want.


  • Just like at Bed Bath and Beyond, when you register for certain brands and guests reach a certain spending threshold you can get bonus gifts for free!
  • After your wedding, get anything on your registry that is shipped and sold by Amazon for 20% off.
If there are additional stores that you think would add value by being listed here, please leave a comment and I would be happy to research them!

bed bath and beyond canada wedding registry tips

Want to learn more about my experience registering at Bed Bath and Beyond? Read about it here, and also find some of the items I am most excited to have registered for!

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Registering can be intimidating. There are so many things to choose from and so many things that could be missed. Be sure to check out other bloggers top picks. The stores mentioned above will also have online tools that show you what products other couples are loving. Check out what your friends registered for. There is no harm in taking something off of their list and adding it to your own! For example, when one of my friends got married recently I purchased a vase off her registry. Well, I thought the vase was beautiful, and I am not surprised since she has amazing taste. A few months later when it came time for me to register... I added the same vase to mine!

Register In Store

Make sure to go into the store at least once (though going a few times, in different seasons, is probably best) so that way you can inspect the quality of the items you are interested in, and ask questions to an expert at the store.

I hope that you have found this Canadian registry tip list to be helpful! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments! I am looking forward to publishing some posts that focus on what I have registered for soon, and hope that you enjoy those!

Keep It Fresh

If you are planning on having an engagement party and a shower (or two!) in advance of your wedding, don't be surprised if you run out of gifts for your guests to get you! While some suggest registering for a whole bunch of stuff off the bat, I have decided to only register for the things I actually want. If we are lucky enough to have slim pickings on our registry after our engagement party, we will go back to the store to add a few things for the shower and then actual wedding.

Read Product Reviews

Read the reviews on products. Something that may look beautiful could chip easily or otherwise fade. You want things that will last a while (maybe not a lifetime.... but a while).

What tips do you have for registering?

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