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Monday 28 May 2018

floral keds

Is it just me, or did it somehow go from third winter straight to summer? Either way, when the weather gets nicer one of the first things that I am excited to do is leave my boots behind. With my winter boots firmly in the back of the closet and my spring/fall boots with them, it is finally time to switch it up.

For this post, I am partnering with Hillcrest Mall. They have recently upped their shoe game, so I had to stop by to update my wardrobe. I like to have a few different pairs of shoes so I can switch it up, but let's be honest, my colour palette is pretty consistent white, navy, khaki, soft blues, greys. 

sperry boat shoes marc joseph boat shoes keds

My first stop was Browns, where I found these stunning Navy Leather "Charlston" Boat Shoes for $169. I fell in love with the gold soles, and the mix of navy and brown leather details. I love these shoes with a cute summer dress, or even a business casual outfit for the office. They are so soft and comfortable -- they feel like slippers! I think that these are perfect for the office or a meeting, though because they are so pretty I would be hesitant to walk long distances in them.

My next stop was Sporting Life. Now, to be honest I thought that I would just stop by, do some window shopping, and then head off to the next store. See, Sporting Life has a reputation for being a bit expensive...however, I found these stunning Keds! The Womens Champion Floral Sneaker retails for $54.99. I love how bright and fresh these look, and the little floral details make them perfect for spring. I have been loving these with khakis, shorts, and other casual outfits. 

One really cool thing I found at Brown's were their disposable insoles. With six pairs for about $8, these are an affordable solution to my least favourite thing to wear in the summer: socks. As you can see, all of the shoes I picked up for the spring/summer aren't really shoes you wear with socks. These insoles help keep your shoes from smelling, and are easy to swap out. They slip in so you don't have to worry about sticking them on.

marc joseph browns insoles

Best part? Once you are wearing the insoles, nobody can see them!

marc joseph boat shoes

I was really excited to learn that both Sporting Life and Browns accepts Apple Pay, and Sporting Life even accepts WeChat Pay!

While I was at Browns, I couldn't get over the beautiful selection. If I had my way, I would have a pair in every colour! Some of the beautiful brands they carry include Jeffery Campbell, Raf Simons, Dr. Martins, Guiseppe Zanotti, and even Stuart Weitzman!

browns hillcrest mall

browns hillcrest mall

I also couldn't get over the selection at Sporting Life. I wasn't really in the market for running shoes, but if I was, this would be heaven! Some of their other brands include Soia and Kyo, Preloved (which Hilary Duff adores!), Moncler, Patagonia, and Y-3.

sporting life hillcrest mall shoes

What shoes are you loving this spring? Anything catch your eye?

This post is in partnership with Hillcrest Mall. Opinions are my own.

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