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Saturday 30 June 2018

tips for registering at bed bath and beyond in canada

Last weekend my fiancé and I celebrated our engagement at a party with friends and family! We were lucky to have so many people want to come out and join us for an afternoon backyard BBQ, and to have so many guests generously gift us things off our registry. Today I am excited to be partnered with Bed Bath & Beyond to share with you some of my top registry picks, and some tips to make the whole wedding planning process a bit easier!

A few months ago Stuart and I went to Bed Bath & Beyond to register. We had a great time walking through the store and scanning our way through. It was really interesting to see what he was interested in that I had never thought about (like a clothing steamer and an air fryer).

Register Early

I can't stress enough just how important it is to register early. Not only does Bed Bath & Beyond make it easy to add and delete items from your registry online, but registering early means that guests will know what to get you for your engagement party and bridal shower. 

Go In Store

I loved getting to go in store with Stuart. It was a really fun date (and yes... we totally bought ourself a few things while we were there), and we grabbed lunch together afterwords. I found our in-store consultant to be really helpful. She managed to strike the balance of giving us space so we could explore together, while also being able to answer any questions we had (such as the difference between various stand mixers and vacuums!). 

Update Online

Even now, months after we registered in-store, you can catch me logged in to my registry online, adding, swapping and deleting items to perfect my registry. When my consultant told me that Bed Bath & Beyond was the most popular place to register because of their easy to use website, I sort of shrugged it off. However, I love that it keeps my account logged in, and that I can browse the website as if I was shopping, but then rather than add to my cart I can add to my registry. You can even schedule an in-store appointment online! 

Now... let's get to the fun stuff! My top registry picks:

what to register for at bed bath and beyond

One thing I am really glad that I picked up while in store was this cute little "Our Adventure Fund" wooden box. We have been lucky to be gifted a number of gift cards at our party (and I figure the trend will continue at future showers). I like that we can keep our gift cards all in one place. After the wedding we are hoping to buy a home together. Once we have that home I am looking forward to spending our gift cards on larger purchases (such as a King sized bed, or a new coffee table). Best part? After your wedding, Bed Bath & Beyond invites you to come in store a few months later where you can complete your registry for 20% off everything. Needless to say... our gift cards will stocked away until then!

When one of my good friends got married this winter, she registered for the Kate Spade 10 Inch Calhoun Court vase, and I ordered it off her registry for her. Well, I loved the vase she picked so much that when I went to register a few months later I added it to mine. And, because she is amazing like that, she gifted it to me for our engagement party! I love the elegant diamond etching and how heavy the vase is. Right now I have it filled with hydrangeas, but it also beautifully holds sunflowers and peonies! 

I am loving this super affordable set of porcelain ramekins. After falling in love with creme burlee this winter, I became obsessed with making it myself! When these simple little dishes aren't holding creme burlee, they are great for fruit, yogurt, or other little snacks. It is always a good idea to register for items at various price points, because guests may have different budgets for your wedding vs. your shower, or may want to put together a gift with various smaller items. We ended up with three sets of these (for a total of 12) so that we can easily entertain guests!

what to register for at bed bath and beyond

We found these beautiful (and affordable) pieces of wall art in store. I love that online you can sort what sort of art you are interested in into categories such as "Costal and Tropical" or "Floral and Botanical". Stuart found these pretty sand dollars, and we love how they balance off the (formerly blank) space above our couch. 

what to register for at bed bath and beyond

When we moved in together my parents gifted us a set of Gordon Ramsay's White Maze dinner wear as a house warming gift. I love the simple elegance of these dishes, and how long they stay looking new! The simple line design makes these dishes perfect for every day, and perfect for entertaining. We registered for two more sets so that way we can have seating for 12!

what to register for at bed bath and beyond

Kate Spade always has beautiful prints to choose from. We thought it would be fun to mix and match their linens to have a table setting that was uniquely ours. We love her Charlotte Street Placemat in Navy because it is reversible! Navy and white is one of my all time favourite colour combos, and I think it looks great no matter what the season. To add some colour, we selected her Rose Terrace napkin. I love the way the white, navy and pink all go together! This look is completed by Kassatex's Eternity Napkin Ring in rose gold.

what to register for at bed bath and beyond breville kettle

If you are getting married, but already live together, I can't recommend enough how great it is to upgrade some things around your kitchen. Two things I suggest keeping in mind when it comes to upgrades are looking for things that will transition from your apartment kitchen to your "forever" kitchen. I would suggest things that are neutral, and that will be long lasting.

As an avid tea drinker, one thing on the top of my list was a variable kettle. See, some teas are best when brewed at different temperatures. I am loving Breville's Variable Temperature Kettle. With different settings for various types of tea, and French press coffee, you can make sure that you are enjoying your beverage at its optimal flavour. I drink excessive quantities of green tea, and the green tea setting has really upped my tea game. This kettle is a major upgrade from our old kettle, which served its purpose, but has been re-homed to my cousin's university suite. For me, this kettle was a great upgrade because it is something I use every day!

what to register for at bed bath and beyond kitchenaid stand mixer

If there is one thing that wedding magazines do a great job at hyping up, it is Kitchenaid Stand Mixers. In fact, it was probably the #1 thing I was excited to register for! My only concern was where I would put it. However, Kitchenaid's latest launch is perfect for apartment dewllers like me! Their new Artisan Mini Stand Mixer takes up 20% less space and is 25% lighter! I opted for it in white because I know it will look great in my current kitchen, but that it will translate well no matter what colour my future kitchen!

When registering, don't forget to include some "splurge" items on the higher end of the spectrum. You never know who may surprise you with their generosity, or which friends or family may want to pool together on a gift! I have always had my eye on a Dyson vacuum, and with two cats, it really is a necessity. I have been loving my Dyson V10 Animal Cord Free Stick Vacuum! Perfect for small spaces (it fits neatly on the wall with its charging station), but I know it will transition well to a future home. Plus I love that once charged, you can take it anywhere, like the car!

When registering, make sure to hit a variety of price points. If you already live together, think about how your picks will translate to a future home, or how they can be more versatile. Don't be afraid to pick something out of the norm, like art for your walls, or patio furniture! Make sure to register well in advance so your guests have some ideas for your engagement party and shower. While you may not get everything off your registry, don't worry about it! You can always buy any favourites that weren't purchased at the completion event for 20% off. Happy registering! 

Ps. After registering, Stuart and I ended up buying an item off our registry as an anniversary gift. We will probably buy something off our registry for Christmas too!

This post is sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond.

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