Christmas | Too Faced Melted Mini Set

Thursday 12 November 2015

Too Faced Melted Mini Lipsticks

Can you believe that Christmas is finally in the air?  I know today in Toronto is a little soggy and less than nice, but with my red cup from Starbucks filled with hot tea, and over half of my Christmas shopping completed (I know, right!) I think I am finally in the mood to review some holiday sets.  Now, I went a little crazy during the Sephora VIB Sale (hello 20% off everything in sight) and I will be posting about my haul once it all arrives (please don't hate me mail man!).  I actually ordered this before the sale because I didn't want to miss out on it.  Long story short, I love the set.  Keep reading for the full break down!

Too Faced Melted Mini Lipsticks

This set is valued at $51, but retails for $32 making it a great value.  It can be purchased at Sephora.  Also...that packaging.

I am a big fan of Too Faced's Melted Lipsticks, owing Melted Strawberry and Melted Jelly Doughnut.  I also have a mini Peony and a mini Fig.  I love that they are easy to apply, and have a highly pigmented, high gloss finish.  Now, I don't know about you but I can't recall the last time I actually finished a lipstick or a lip gloss.  So, the chance to add four more to my collection at a fraction of the cost was pretty attractive if I do say so myself.   

Too Faced Melted French Kisses Mini Lipsticks

This set contains two classic Melted Lipsticks: Chihuahua and Berry, and two Melted Metal Lipsticks: Metallic Macaroon and Metallic Peony.  

I was curious to try the Metallic formula as I have never tried it before, and I generally prefer a classic finish to a sparkly finish.

Too Faced Melted Mini Lipsticks

I like that the classic Melted Lipsticks have a standard brushed gold cap where as the Metallic Melted Lipsticks have a shiny gold cap.  I don't know about you, but I appreciate small details like that in the packaging.

Each mini is 0.16 oz compared to the full size of 0.4 oz.  But again, when was the last time you finished a full sized (or even a mini) lipstick?  These are a reasonable size to hold and to use.  No complaints from me!

Too Faced Melted Mini Lipsticks

This is how an untouched Melted Lipstick looks.

Too Faced Melted Mini Lipsticks

The product comes through the felt tip.

Too Faced Melted Mini Lipsticks

And then you apply!

Too Faced Melted Mini Lipsticks

From Left to Right: Metallic Peony, Metallic Macaroon, Chihuahua, Berry

Too Faced Melted Metallic Peony Swatch

Metallic Peony is a pretty mid range warm pink.  The "metallic" factor is most notable in the golden sheen.  It has an average wear time, and when it fades you can be left with a little bit of shimmer.  For my first time trying out something from their Metallic line I was pleased.

Too Faced Melted Metallic Macaroon Swatch

I would not consider Metallic Macaroon to be the most festive of shades, but I love this bright punchy coral pink.  I will be going to Cuba again over Christmas and I think this is the perfect warm and sunny shade to wear while sipping a fruity drink by the ocean.  It wears well, with less of a gold sheen to it than Metallic Peony.  Just a fun shade to wear!

Too Faced Melted Chicuahua Swatch

Melted Chihuahua has been on my radar for a while.  I love the idea of a glossy nude, and this shade sure fits the bill.  It wears and fades well, it comfortable on my lips and most importantly looks great with anything.  I felt so chic wearing this, and I could totally see myself re-purchasing when I finish this off.  This colour is perfect for a cold, neutral snowy look.  Can you say sipping hot chocolate? 

Too Faced Melted Berry Swatch

Melted Berry is clearly the most festive of the set.  I really like that there was a good mix of shades rather than just "holiday" shades, making this a set I can reach for even after all the presents are unwrapped and the turkey is done.  Berry is a stunning rich shade that feels to powerful to wear.  My only "complaint" is that with the more opaque formula, and the felt tip, that sometimes my drawing outside of the lines was noticeable.  It was hard to wipe away-- which is great because it leaves behind a stain on my lips, and not great because sometimes I am clumsy.  I think for me this line is best if I stick to lighter shades, except I really really want Melted Ruby.  With some practice I am sure I can nail this shade.

So in conclusion, this set of minis is a great value with shades that are perfect for the holidays, and really for the whole year.  As somebody who rarely finishes an entire lipstick, I love the idea that for a little more than the price of one, I can get four different colours.  I enjoyed the chance to try two from their Metallic Line-- it was much better than I thought it would be!

What Christmas sets are you most excited about?


  1. Melted Chihuahua looks great

  2. Love them and I think I prefer Metallic Peony to the original. Lovely swatching!

    1. Thank you! I have been really working on improving my swatching over the last few weeks :)