My Top Picks | Christmas Gifts Under $30

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Christmas gift guide for friends and family

Exactly one month to go until Christmas Eve! Where did Fall go?! I am really excited to say that I have finished 95% of my Christmas shopping!  The only thing missing?  A gift for my boyfriend-- because he changes his mind every day! I wanted to make a little post of my favourite things I have seen (and bought) while meandering through the mall in hopes of inspiring some last minute (is it really last minute?  I just love Christmas shopping) shoppers.
Going clockwise...

One of my favourite places to shop (in general... not just for Christmas!) is Chapters/Indigo.  I picked up these stunning little coasters as a part of a larger gift for my boyfriend's parents.  Their gift includes some artisan chocolates, candies and fudge from a Farmer's Market, and jingle bell napkin rings.  No pressure on me, but this is my third Christmas with my boyfriend, and let's be honest, I hope his parents are a part of my life for many more years to come.  They retail for $29.50.

Shopping is tough work, and there is nothing wrong with adding a little something for yourself as you go along.  Bite is one of my favourite lipstick companies.  Literally-- I have planned a trip to NYC for me and some friends so I can go to their Bite Lip Lab.  This highly pigmented duo retails for $17.

My dad is such a huge Blue Jays fan! We went to so many games this summer, including several of the post-season games.  We were devastated when we didn't make it to the World Series, but I am sure we can do it this year!  I love the way Canada really comes together for this team.  After the iconic bat flip this shirt popped up on my Facebook newsfeed, and I knew I had to get my dad one!  Currently it is wrapped up and ready to go.  I know he is going to love it!   It retails for $23 USD.

Another gift for my dad: Terry's Chocolate Orange.  Currently retailing for $4.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart, I grabbed a few on sale for $2.88.  Terry's Chocolate Oranges are a Christmas tradition in my family, and I couldn't imagine not having one (or eight) over the holidays!

Oh my gosh how cute is this foxy mug? Perfect for friends who love tea, coffee, and all things adorable.  This mug retails for $15.  

I love tea.  And so do my friends.  And while I love the process of using a steeper and loose leaf tea, putting it together at work is just more hassle than I have time for.  Enter David's Tea Sachets!  Currently on sale for 3/$25, each pack has 12 individually packaged tea bags.  Every detail feels like a touch of cozy luxury that I am sure a mom, sister, aunt, or best friend would enjoy.  I recommend their "straight green teas" mix pack. 

These mittens are so soft and fuzzy and I want them.  Retailing for $25, these mitts don't sacrifice style for comfort, or vice versa.  Here's to hoping that these end up in my stocking! 

Finally the gift that I am giving that I am the most excited about: Custom mugs from TheWhiteTeacup.  I found Alice's shop on Etsy while I was scrolling through one day, and I knew that I had found my grandparent's Christmas gift.  See, we have a dog named Echo and she is simply my grandparent's best friend.  They adore her, and love anything that celebrates her.  I asked Alice to make two separate but matching mugs for my grandparents based on the following two photos, she sent me some sketches and once I approved them she made the mugs and sent them to me.  She was such a pleasure to deal with, and the mugs are stunning.  I'm sure I will be ordering from her again!  Each mug cost $20.

I will also be sharing a Secret Santa post inspired by Zoe in the next few days!  What gifts are on your list for friends and family?  Happy shopping! xoxo

Photo Credit: Chapters/Indigo, Sephora, BreakingT, Amazon, David's Tea, TheWhiteTeacup


  1. I have the bad habit of buying at least one item for myself while shopping for other people! But hey, you're out there doing the work for them ;)
    This christmas I'm making a lot of my gifts by hand, as I'm trying to save money (good 'ol student life)
    Thanks for the ideas though :)

    1. Always a good idea to save money! I love holiday baking haha. What are you planning on gifting? :)