Beauty Lovers Tag!

Thursday 26 May 2016

beauty lovers tag

I was reading Trysh's blog the other day and came across "The Beauty Lovers Tag" and in the name of a lazy afternoon I figured why not!  I love tag posts because they're just fun, and easy, and I mean I get to talk more about makeup.
If you are following along, today is May 26th and today I am flying from San Francisco to Vancouver. I've got some downtime this afternoon in Vancouver so I am looking forward to walking around and hopefully shopping if all goes well!

If you could have anyone in the world do your makeup, who would it be?

Trysh answered Charlotte Tilbury and really I would have to agree.  I've never seen her skin not look fantastic, and I have been itching to try her products so I figure this would be a win-win.

What's your top makeup tip?

Invest in brushes because you use them every day and good brushes can make any product better but bad brushes can really stop great products from reaching their true potential. And why buy great products if you don't have great brushes?

What one makeup item could you not live without?

Probably a brow product.  Getting my brows in check is half the battle and even if I only do my brows everything else just looks better.

What one skincare item could you not live without?

Keeping it really simple, but a good moisturizer.  It keeps my skin hydrated, and bright and happy, and not feeling tight or anything.  Over all it helps makeup apply better and in the long run it helps prevent signs of aging.  I hope.

What are you worst at when applying makeup?

Nothing.  I'm a beauty blogger.  It means I'm perfect at everything make-up related, duh.  Kidding!  I think I have some room to improve at cream contouring and at applying lip liner.

What's your biggest pet peeve when it comes to beauty?

Well Trysh's answer reminded me of trends, and I really dislike when people use a trend as a rule when sometimes it may not look flattering on them/fit their style.  You should do your make-up in a way that makes you feel happy and pretty, not just because a Kardashian says you should.  Use them as an inspiration if you want, but think of it as a "suggestion" rather than a "rule".

But the other answer I was thinking of was my mom's make-up collection before I intervened.  I'm talking oldddd mascara, a shadow palette that has been there for ever in frosted pink....~memories~. She now has taken quite a liking to Smashbox and Benefit which is a big step up.  The other day she asked me to get her another of the "curvy wand" (Benefit Roller Lash) mascaras.  Win.  So yeah, people who keep old make-up for no good reason.

What's your favourite makeup era?

No question, I love the 50s look, and I draw some inspiration from it for my everyday/ most day look. I love the glam of a good cat eye and a strong red lip. I don't really care what may be in trend this year, looks inspired by Marilyn Monroe are always in style.

What's your guilty pleasure product?

Red lipstick.  Specifically seeking out orangey-red mattes and bright red mattes and dark red mattes, and bright red satins and dark red satins and...and really just buying the same three colours from all of my favourite brands.  Sorry not sorry? I totally need reds from both Chanel and Burberry <3  Sometimes I buy one if I think I really deserve it.

What your underdog product?

I would say some of my NYX products...but I would say most people tend to accept that they are fantastic.  Maybe some of my Essence products?  You can't beat their price point vs. quality.

What's your favourite makeup product of the year?

I recently tried "Rock Steady" from Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay (my full review here).  It is a beautiful deep red berry shade and I just loved it.  I got it on a little sample card in the shadow palette, tried it for the first time on the weekend and then ordered it.  I felt really fierce wearing it and I totally kept checking out my lipstick in the mirror.  Also loving ColourPop Puppy Love (my review here)!  Just a beautiful all over shade for a good cause.  Oh and of course the Bite Amuse Bouche line (my review)!

I'm really bad at calling people out for this so I tag everybody? Haha and if you do do it please let me know because I love reading everybody's answers <3

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