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Sunday 29 May 2016


Hey everybody!  I'm back! This morning at 6:50 AM I landed at Pearson airport in Toronto, went home, and went straight to sleep.  I've got lots of posts to catch up on, and will be doing some more in depth posts on my recent trip to California, including some travel related posts, my Colourpop haul and probably some of the packing mistakes I made.  In the mean time I just wanted to share some of my favourite photos I took, and tell you a bit about what I did!
Now, I still haven't loaded all of my photos on to my computer from my camera, and kind of feel like I have spent this month living out of a suitcase (hi GenBeauty!) butttttt here we go!

I really enjoyed the flamingos at Seaworld. Such silly birds!

We spent our first few days based out of LA, but ended up spending some time at a friend's beach house in San Diego.  We did Disneyland and Seaworld back to back and oh boy did my whole body hurt by the end of the second day...walking, standing in line, a sun burn, lots of fun but ouch.  I probably bought too many souvenirs (actually I did, I needed a second piece of luggage by the time I reached LAX again) but overall I had a really good time soaking up the Disney magic and checking out the animals and rides at Seaworld.

Santa Monica

Once we got back to LA we spent Sunday getting our celebrity on.  We started with an appointment at Dry Bar in Beverly Hills and then had a nice Italian lunch on a patio.  We walked around Beverly Hills, popped into Sephora and got mani-pedis (my feet still hurt from two back to back theme parks). That evening we checked out Santa Monica (and meant to go to Venice beach, but didn't) and had a yummy mexi-cali dinner with a view of the ocean.

The next morning we flew to San Fran and spent some time in the afternoon decompressing at the hotel before checking out Union Square.  At the airport my cheap bag broke so I ended up buying an additional piece of luggage.  Kind of annoying, but a very useful purchase. We checked out Macy's but I didn't see anything I loved so we proceeded to The Cheesecake Factory and then the Giants game.  Their baseball field was pretty neat!

San Fran was comparatively pretty cold, but the next day we took advantage of a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus and managed to see a fair bit of the city.  I even found this pretty neat mosaic wall, and enjoyed taking some #OOTD photos with it. 

Lombard Street, and then lunch at In and Out Burger.

Look at those Merbabies at Ghiradelli Square!

We spent the next day in the Fisherman's Warf area, checking out the Aquarium, Pier 39, the Sealions, and going on a little cruise.   Oh!  And we went to Alcatraz.

Our flight the next day left around noon so we packed up in the morning and the friend I was travelling with flew home while I stopped in Vancouver for work.  I had planned to do some tourist stuff, but it literally rained all weekend so I went to Sephora and rested in my hotel.

Every single night when I got back to my hotel I was utterly exhausted and basically just fell asleep. To me, that means I had a great trip because I made the most of every single day.  I wouldn't describe this trip as "relaxing" but it was really fun! Also American portions are so big that we basically had two meals a day and were never hungry.  I can't wait to go into more details about some of the aspects of my trip with you, but until then I need to get to bed because I have to go back to work tomorrow.

Hope everybody had a wonderful week!  Can't wait to get back to my regular postings xoxo

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