Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipsticks & Event Recap

Saturday 3 September 2016

Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipsticks Event Review Toronto

Last month I was invited to attend MakeUp For Ever's (MUFE) Artist Rouge Lipstick launch party in downtown Toronto. I had so much fun, going with one of my best friends, and then also running into so many of my beautiful blogger friends. Keep reading for a quick event recap and then a review of their new lipsticks!

At the event they had artwork, some incredible dance routines, and instillations of MUFE through the ages. MUFE has always been an artist focused brand. The best way I can describe their brand and their products is that they never try to be gimmicky. The focus on creating good quality products in shade rages from the every day (hello dusty rose lipsticks!) to bold blues and greens. With some brands they really rock their brow products, but perhaps their foundation isn't very good, or others make wonderful lipsticks... with MUFE they do everything well.

One really special thing about the event for me was getting to see Trinidad again. I didn't know his name at Generation Beauty, but I remembered him because he really stood out in how he treated each guest at their booth, twirling them away to their makeovers like their very own Prince Charming. It was so wonderful to be able to let him know how much we appreciated that, and he was so genuine in our conversation about why he loves makeup so much.

Tonight I finally got to put a name to a face & thank this wonderful human being for how joyful his presence 1/2
As we left the event we were given a little gift box containing two random lipsticks from their new collection. A few girls from the event ended up opening their boxes with my friend and I, and we decided to do some trading. Originally I had a bold blue lipstick, but I know I just wouldn't wear it as much as the nude pink. After our little trade, everybody was happy and confident with their colours, and we enjoyed chatting with each other.

Now... on to the product reviews.

These lipsticks have a unique tip, that I can best describe as an elongated tear drop. It makes it really easy to apply the lipstick to the peaks of my lips and the inner corners. In a pinch, the pointed end can even act as a lipliner. The formula is creamy and easy to apply. It comes in a matte and a satin finish, with 45 colours to choose from.  I ended up with C105 and C221 ("C" means it is a satin formula, "M" for matte).

C105 - Grege Beige

C105 Grege Beige Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipstick review

C105 (Grege Beige) is a pretty neutral beige-pink with just a touch of grey. I really enjoy wearing it-- soft, feminine, I think it is a great pink to transition into fall with. This very work appropriate pink has enjoyed hanging out in my purse over the last few weeks!

C221 - Rose Wood

C221 Rose Wood Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipstick review

C221 (Rose Wood) is a stunning plummy rose that almost reads as a slightly muted purple. I would still place this in the general "neutral" family, but with the note that it is on the bolder end of the spectrum. This enhanced "my lips but better" is a very pretty plum to wear into the fall, and I think it suits my skin tone well.

Wear time on these lipsticks is quite good, however because they are a satin formula they are not transfer proof.

These lipsticks retail for $27 CAD and can be purchased at Sephora.

Have you had a chance to try these? What colours caught your eye?

Also-- for what its worth, at the time of writing this post only two lipsticks from this collection were out of stock on the website: C105 and C221

Also x 2 -- I was playing around with these as an ombre lip... love!

These products were gifted to my from Make Up For Ever, however they were given to all event attendees. This was not a blogger exclusive event-- they invited people who attended their Generation Beauty booth, artists, Sephora staff, and bloggers.

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