Hotel Primero Primera | Barcelona, Spain

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Hotel Primero Primera Review English Barcelona

Have you ever stayed in a hotel that you have just never wanted to leave? Somewhere so comfortable, welcoming, and just plain nice, that you would love to stay just a few days longer? Welcome to Primero Primera in Barcelona!

Located in the Barcelona neighbourhood of Tres Torres, just minutes from downtown, this hotel is like a secret garden of relaxation. My boyfriend described the neighbourhood as the "Forest Hill" of Barcelona.

Hotel Primero Primera Review English Barcelona

I will preface this review with a note that generally speaking I am happy if the hotel has wifi (check), a bed (check), a hot shower (check -- lesson learned from my last Europe trip!) and access to transit (check). This hotel has all of those things, but so much more.

The family that owns this hotel has lived on the first floor since 1955. In 2011 the Pérez-Sala family renovated all of the rooms while maintaining the original structure. The result is a small, boutique hotel of 30 rooms where each room is unique and timeless.

When I stepped through the door to the reception I was immediately hit by the warm and inviting smell of burning scented candles. They smelt so good and really added to the ambiance. The lighting was dim, but charming. After checking in we went up to our room on the Attic level.

Hotel Primero Primera Review English Barcelona

The view from the shower!

This hotel only has 30 rooms and each room is different. Our room was on the top floor with a beautiful view of a castle on a hill (which I am pretty sure is the Chateau de Montjuïc) from the bathroom. One evening I was having a shower and the building was lit up in gold and looked just magnificent. Complete with unique, rustic finishing our room was both rustic and intimate.

Hotel Primero Primera Review English Barcelona

This bathroom is what dreams are made of!

Hotel Primero Primera Review English Barcelona

The bed had more pillows than I could count, including these nice large square pillows that I want to grab for back home, and a cozy duvet. The bathroom both had a large shower and bath tub. Our room also had a couch.

Hotel Primero Primera Review English Barcelona

That stream of light is from windows on the roof of the attic.

You guys know that I love my Diet Coke. Well in Europe it is way more expensive than back home, and no refills here. Our room had a small fridge filled with various juices, Fantas and Coke products, free of charge! The fridge also had two bottles of water which were perfect to take with us as we went to explore the city.

Hotel Primero Primera Review English Barcelona

Room service makes everything better after a long day walking around the old city!

Hotel Primero Primera Review English Barcelona

Hotel Primero Primera Review English Barcelona

To use this bar simply take what you want and write down in the book what you used. You will then be charged to your room.

As for the general amenities: There is a restaurant and bar (that makes great late night brownies!), a hidden pool oasis, a lounge, and another fridge full of pop and juice for you to enjoy. They also have a DIY bar (at an extra charge based on consumption).

Breakfast included a selection of breads, meats, fruits, and more. I enjoyed the fresh fruit the most!

Hotel Primero Primera Review English Barcelona

Hotel Primero Primera Review English Barcelona

This garden oasis pool comes with comfy beach chairs and fluffy red towels to use!

We really enjoyed our stay here, and wish we could have stayed longer! I love that this hotel is a quick subway ride away from the key attractions but far enough away from the hustle, bustle, and hoards of tourists. It really did feel like Barcelona's best kept secret. The subway to the core tourist areas is just a 5 minute walk from the hotel.

As you can tell, we loved our stay here. We left relaxed and refreshed, and also with a mental list of decor and bathroom ideas for our future home.

Check back as I will also be sharing a post about what we did in Barcelona!

Rooms start at about 200 Euros per night. You can learn more about booking on their website.

My stay at Primero Primera was complimentary. Opinions remain my own! 

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