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Friday 11 August 2017

convet garden london

There are some neighbourhoods across the world that are so iconic that you just know them. You just know that they are perfection. You just know that when you're in town you simply must stop by. SoHo in New York, Beverly Hills in LA, and Covent Garden in London. While I was somewhat aware of Covent Garden for a while, it became a must see spot when I learned that Charlotte Tilbury has has flagship store there.

One of the biggest struggles I have while travelling is the blogger in me wanting to take glossy magazine quality photos in every single location I visit, and the reality of lugging curling irons, hair spray, multiple cute outfits across the ocean, plus my camera, and the reality of being exhausted and trying to explore as much as I can, and not just looking pretty. I want to enjoy where I go, not just take photos of me being there.

Enter the most genius idea I have ever had while travelling: book a blow out and a makeover back to back, and then take some sweet photos. Spend the rest of the days in pony tails and casual outfits. Bonus points if you can make your blow out last two or three days.

My first stop on my beauty-ful adventure was the Sassoon Salon's London Covent Garden location. I was greeted by Roxy who whisked me off to have my hair washed and to have a treatment used. I was really excited about the treatment because with hair as long as mine, some extra TLC is ALWAYS appreciated. The treatment was a mix of the Repair and Hydrate foam masks (repair & hydrate are my two favourite hair words!). After letting those sit it was off to the salon chair.

Roxy dried and styled my hair into a cascade of waves fit for a princess. She took expert care to have the waves work with my natural texture and to give them the space to move naturally. I was really impressed with the foam masks. Not only did they leave my hair feeling like silk - and no frizz to be seen - but the treatment actually lasts five washes, meaning that my hair was extra shiny and manageable for the next week! Some of you may have seen just how obsessed with it I was in my Instagram Story! PS -- Did I mention the head massage that was included?

sassoon salon convet garden london

The best part about my treatment and style was knowing that I can easily get it done back home in Toronto! You can check out their full blow and style menu here. Roxy selected a combo of the "Loose Wave" and "Curly Wave" styles for me. I really wanted to try the "Luxe Volume" (its a new style) but we thought that it wasn't right for my long hair -- it wouldn't have the natural movement that I love. I think it would be stunning on people with hair a bit shorter though! I was also really interested in "Glam Wave" and can totally see myself booking an appointment for that some time over the holidays.

If I had to summarise my whole impression of Sassoon (it was my first time visiting one of their salons, ever!) it was that they really know hair. I loved that they custom mixed my treatment, and how my stylist helped my pick the style that was best for my hair and my activity plans that day (hint: taking photos and going to a musical!).

Now... you may notice that the photo I shared has my stunning hair, but no face. That's because Charlotte Tilbury was my next stop!

charlotte tilbury convet garden london

I admit that I was a bit concerned about the process of getting my makeup done, because the store was PACKED. However I was led down a set of stairs to the prettiest basement I have ever seen. Front and centre in the gallery wall was a picture of The Queen (I learned that Charlotte is a big fan of the monarchy, and that makes me love her even more!). I had a few moments to think about which signature look I wanted to go with and was offered a glass of bubbly. My boyfriend was with me (he was excited about just sitting and doing nothing after a busy few days!) and he also had a chance to enjoy some bubbly, and free wifi. 

charlotte tilbury make over convet garden london

At you may know, Charlotte Tilbury has a collection of "Signature Looks". I thought it was important when picking my look to strike a balance between something that would leave me feeling beautiful, something a tiny bit outside of my usual zone, and something summery. I decided upon the "Dolce Vita" look. I requested that my eyeshadow not be too warm and red, so my amazing artist, Tamzin, swapped in "Eyes to Mesmerize" in "Bette" as my shadow base.

Tamzin used my all time favourite foundation, Charlotte's Magic Foundation (I use shade 2) and was very thorough in applying it. Before even getting to the makeup she took great care to prep my skin with Charlotte's signature skincare. My favourite product that she used to prep my skin was her Magic Cream. Not only did it smell great, but it left my skin looking and feeling soft and supple.

Some of the other key products she used included The Dolce Vita shadow palette, the Full Fat Lashes mascara, K.I.S.S.I. N. G. lipstick in "Penelope Pink" topped with Seduction lip gloss, and the Ecstasy blush, and of course, the Filmstar Bronze and Glow bronzer and highlighter. I loved how shimmery and peachy the blush was,. The lips were more neutral than I usually go for but I loved how they looked with the whole look together!

It was really cool to talk with Tamzin to learn a bit more about the brand. I learned that Charlotte hand picks everything for her beauty boudoir, and that, as I mentioned, she is a big fan of the Queen. We had a great chat about the back story on some of the products and how beauty trends differ in Europe and North America (aka beauty nerd chats!).

If you are interested in booking a makeover at Covent Garden click here for all of the details. My understanding is that the price advertised can be spent on product.

charlotte tilbury make over convet garden london

The final look with my Sassoon blow out and Charlotte Tilbury makeup! Can I get this level of pampered every day, please?

We had a few minutes to spare before our show, so we stopped in at LUSH Oxford Street!

lush oxford street

This two story store has everything a LUSH addict could need. I picked up a bunch of bath bombs (which did OK being brought home) and Oxford Street exclusives. The staff were so enthusiastic about their products and their exclusives! I will be doing a post about the cool products I picked up, so stay tuned!

As you can see I had the most beautiful day in Covent Garden! I def made my boyfriend take a whole bunch of pretty pictures of me! 

A huge thank you to Charlotte Tilbury and Sassoon Salon for providing these services to me to help me enjoy my trip. Opinions are my own! 

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